Barbra Streisand’s personal spokesperson/political consultant Marge Tabankin tells Top of the Ticket  that the singer is officially shifting her support from her dear friend Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.

She may even sing for the senator, as she did for her longtime pal, Bill Clinton, during his campaign for the White House, during this summer’s fund-raising season.

Obama’s other big Hollywood fan, Scarlett Johansson, may also be involved in some of these events. And Johansson just released her very first album last month. (Read Extended Play’s coverage of ScarJo’s Tom Waits covers here.)

Hey, maybe Babs and ScarJo can perform a duet for an Obama fundraiser. Should the opportunity arise, Babs just might make herself available for a presidential inauguration gala, as she did for Bill Clinton back in 1993.

Photos: Babs and W? No, no, no. Its a Bush impersonator at the opening of her 2006 tour. But Obama, that’s another story!

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead