Barbra-streisand People. People who need people like their famous bosses to bail them out of jail. . . .

Barbra Streisand's personal assistant, Tina Fortenberry, was busted on drug charges in Malibu this week.

Fortenberry was arrested on Wednesday after police discovered cocaine, methamphetamines and a weapon in her car, police told the New York Daily News.

We've heard such tales about Streisand's diva demands, we almost would not blame an assistant for needing to numb out.

Cops pulled over Fortenberry, 52, on Pacific Coast Highway because of that old bugaboo: expired tags.

Searching her car, they allegedly found drugs and, according to TMZ (but unconfirmed), they seized a "sap," a blackjack-style weapon.

Fortenberry was driving on a suspended license and going to the post office on an errand for her boss, police said.

She was released on bond and is set to appear in court in July.

Photo: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead