Barneys is already hopping onboard the Michelle Obama fashion bandwagon with a blowout ad for her chosen Inauguration Day dress designer Isabel Toledo.

An e-mail sent out this morning notified shoppers that their store window displays at the Madison Avenue store in New York were Isabel Toledo celebratory saying: "We love Isabel Toledo! And we love that Mrs. Obama loves Isabel too!"

And it also informs women that Toledo’s new spring collection will be in stores at Barneys in San Francisco, Beverly Hills and on Madison Avenue "as soon as she has finished stitching."

There’s even a photo of Michelle with President Barack Obama, wearing the Isabel Toledo outfit.

Looks like the fashion world has a new darling. Or least someone who may be able to persuade cautious women to spend money on a new outfit in this terrible economic climate. Maybe.

Its doubtful many women will want to purchase a pair of Jimmy Choos like her green ones. Those cost several hundred dollars.

But maybe they’ll just shop on a budget online at, who also has a congratulatory statement on its website about the Obamas, with the tagline: "Yes, they wore crewcuts! Find out more!"

However, Dish Rag readers have been widely split on Michelle’s lemongrass sparkly ensemble. Many have loved it, calling it "a welcome change," "a breath of fresh air" and "flattering." But others decried it as "ugly," "unflattering" and many absolutely hated sparkles ("too much for daytime") and the green J. Crew gloves.

One DC based reader (Washington Official) even enlightened us: "I would like to put the blogosphere insipid comments some of you have in context, lest we learn nothing in life: our First Lady also wore a bulletproof vest under whatever SHE chose…elevate your thinking folks…"

Yikes. That puts a whole new spin on the fit of certain outfits, doesn’t it? I confess I hadn’t considered taking Kevlar into account. I have no idea if this is true or not but it does make some sense.

To read more from Rag readers and decide for yourselves, click here for the breaking news item (and comments) about the inaugural day ensemble.

What do you think?

Would you buy an Isabel Toledo dress on the basis of Michelle Obama’s ensemble?

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Photo illustration: Barneys

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead