barry manilow gi Barry Manilow set to release new all original album, '15 Minutes'Clearly Barry Manilow has had more than the requisite 15 minutes of fame promised to us by Andy Warhol. But, look out world, he’s not done yet.

On Tuesday (May 3), Manilow announced the upcoming release of his first album of original material in 10 years, after six CDs-worth of covers. “15 Minutes” — yep, inspired by the Warhol quote that “in the future everyone will have 15 minutes of fame” — is a concept album of sorts that, according to a press release, tells the “captivating tale of someone who achieves fame, blows it and begins again.”

Manilow himself expands on that explanation:

“Fame and success are something we all strive for, and yet when we get it how do we behave? That question jumps out at us daily from magazine covers, TV news and online gossip sites. In my world of entertainment, I’ve watched perfectly decent and talented people achieve the success they’ve been striving for only to crash and burn as their star rises. It happens in every walk of life, not only in the entertainment field; in sports, in politics and in daily life when the assistant manager gets promoted at the grocery store. It’s something that continues to fascinate us, and for me it represented an interesting musical journey to explore.”

The album is set for a June 14 release. Lindsay Lohan, Andy Dick — we hope you’re listening.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson