barry melrose Barry Melrose on ESPN's 'First Take' shares a Canadian skin care secretBarry Melrose shared his on-air skin care secret Tuesday, Feb. 16 on ESPN. The network has since issued an apology.

Who knew “chicken s**t” was so good for your pores?

When former NHL player and coach and current ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose and on-air anchor Jay Crawford started sparring about who looked old and what “middle aged” means, Crawford and fellow on-air anchor Dana Jacobsen were not prepared for Melrose’s secret skin care trick. Warning: Profanity in the video.

Dana Jacobsen later took to the airwaves to apologize for Melrose’s on-air profanity, “We have to apologize. Barry Melrose did use an inappropriate word on our air. He did not realize that we were live at the time or he would not have used it.”

Sure, profanity is bad. But where’s the apology for putting the image in our heads of the six-fingered man from “The Princess Bride” rubbing chicken feces on his face?

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