bart simpson karl rove chalkboard election fox Bart Simpson mocks Karl Rove in 'The Simpsons' creditsOver the course of hundreds of episodes of “The Simpsons,” Bart Simpson has had the chance to poke fun at just about everyone and everything. The most recent target of Bart’s chalkboard mockery — Karl Rove.

Everyone’s favorite yellow-hued troublemaker poked fun at Rove’s rather extreme reluctance to accept the results of the 2012 presidential election. During the “Simpsons” opening credits aired on Sunday (Nov. 11), Bart repeatedly wrote: “I will not concede the election until Karl Rove gives me permission.”

Bart’s repeated lines were in response to Rove’s almost ludicrous performance on Fox News shortly after that network (and everyone else) called the election in favor of President Barack Obama. Rove insisted that not enough votes had been counted in Ohio — the state where Obama clinched the electoral vote.

Despite insistence from Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier that the results had been confirmed by the network’s experts, Rove refused to concede. He then proceeded to rant about his issues with the numbers for about half an hour. Unfortunately for Rove, his arguments proved to be for nothing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown