basketballwives1 eb 'Basketball Wives' Season 4 premiere: Battle of the blogGrab your anti-anxiety medicine and schedule a yoga class, America: Your favorite aggression-obsession, “Basketball Wives,” is back for a new season.

Season 4 opens in New York City. This time around, we meet two new characters: Kenya Bell and Kesha Nichols, who are immediately drawn into the web of proving themselves to the other wives (or should we say basketball ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and one football fianc�e), and absorbing the long history of cattiness that’s transpired between the other cast members.

The Jennifer WilliamsEvelyn Lozada fight is the focal point of the season opener. We learn that Jennifer (or as Jen claims, her publicist) posted a statement on a blog post several months prior that offended Evelyn — and the two once-best friends haven’t been communicating since. When Tami and Shaunie finally coordinate a sit down, the result is a borderline fistfight, complete with a stream of obscenities, Jennifer’s smug rationale and Evelyn’s forehead vein bulging up in pure rage.

Really? All of this over one comment in one blog post?

Yet again, there’s no Camille Grammer-type in the “Basketball Wives” crew coming back fresh, demure and lovable in the new season. The ladies aren’t exactly interested in self-improvement or playing the classy card.

But do we really care? People don’t watch “Basketball Wives” to learn life lessons, see people holding hands and indulging in tranquil refinement. It’s the explosive drama and bombastic personalities that keep the show up and running — no matter how scripted or unbelievable it often appears. This season promises to not disappoint on that front.

Still, the anti-“Basketball Wives” movement has gained momentum recently. Even famous fans like Wendy Williams have claimed that they’re giving up on the show and its violent, immature appeal.

What do you think? Was the “battle of the blog” legitimate or ridiculous? Will you be following along with the antics this season? Has the “Basketball Wives” drama gone too far, or become just plain repetitive?

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady