“Bates Motel’s” return to A&E is barely over a month away, and we’re filled with an excited sense of foreboding wondering where Norma and Norman’s twisted tale will take us next. To help make the wait to Season 2’s premiere on March 3 a little easier, A&E has launched a new interactive website (click here) to take fans inside the Bates’ property.

The site allows users to walk through the Bates’ motel and house and find hidden Easter eggs — like clips and music — along the way. Connecting your phone to the site and uploading findings to Twitter and Facebook help unearth even more Season 2 clues.

Maybe if you dig deep enough, the website will unveil the infamous fruit cellar, which will be introduced in Season 2 as Norman’s taxidermy studio. As fans of “Psycho” know, Norman later uses the basement set to hide something much more disturbing.

Are you looking forward to “Bates Motel” reopening for Season 2 on May 3?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz