john simone the challenge battle of the exes 2 'Battle of the Exes 2' rookie guide: Why John and Simone couldn't make it work

It’s hard for any rookie couple to enter “The Challenge” house, which is predominantly controlled by veteran players. Being a rookie becomes extra difficult when you’re not coming from “The Real World” but a different MTV show altogether, as is the case for “Are You The One?” couples Adam and Brittany and John and Simone. 
Adam and Brittany have been able to prove themselves in two elimination domes now, but John and Simone weren’t up to the task in episode 3’s (Jan. 20) eating challenge. 
“It’s just wacky things and we have no control over what we were really doing. It was really up to chance. I think we just got unlucky in the situations we were put in,” John explains to Zap2it about the elimination. 
Even though John and Simone weren’t able to perform in physical challenges the way that some of the veterans have, that didn’t have to be the end of their success. Many non-athletic couples have been able to extend their stay in the house by playing smart politics. However, being from a different show prevented this rookie couple from being able to make those connections. 
“At the end of the day, no matter what power couple went in, if it wasn’t a rookie team we didn’t have any real alliances. Even the people we were closest to in the house would still put us in,” Simone says. “It was just one of those unspoken rules that ‘Hey, you guys are the easy targets because you’re not part of ‘The Real World’ so we’re going to put you in regardless.'” 
When you can’t align yourself with a power couple in the house, you have to be able to communicate with your teammate — something John and Simone also weren’t able to do. The two were working two different strategies within the house, which prevented them from having a coherent plan for staying longer. 
“It was very hard for us to get on the same page as a team. John was like, ‘We have to kiss their butts because we want to stay here,’ and we were just not on the same page when it comes to that,” Simone explains. “More people liked him than liked me because I was a little bit less humble than him.” 
When you’re coming in as an underdog, your partner should be your No. 1 person to count on in the house. Though John and Simone are far from the most dysfunctional rookie couple in the house, not speaking to each other about strategy really made them easy targets. Thus, they went home while their “Are You the One?” friends Adam and Brittany reign as “Battle of the Exes” elimination champions. 
“I would definitely say that although Brittany and Adam [have] had a lot of problems in the past, they have been able to do is put that aside and really keep their head in the game,” Simone says. 
Both John and Simone say their “Challenge” careers are just beginning, but they can only hope if they are invited back that they aren’t partnered up with each other. Looks like “Battle of the Exes 2” was not the therapy for John and Simone that it’s been for previous couples. 
“Battle of the Exes 2” airs Tursdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 
Posted by:Megan Vick