wes theresa bananas nany the challenge battle of the exes 2 'Battle of the Exes 2' turns the Wes and Bananas rivalry into war

It’s time for another “The Challenge” history lesson. 
In every “Challenge” house there’s always two power teams that divide the house alliances. In the case of “Battle of the Exes II” that’s Wes and Theresa and Bananas and Nany. (It turns out that Jordan having Sarah as his partner saved him from leftover “Free Agents” Bananas wrath)
For those thinking that Wes threatening to throw Bananas in after the first challenge this season was the first step in this rivalry, know that these two have been at each other’s throats since “The Ruins” in 2009. It’s hard for two egos the size of Wes’ and Bananas’ to coexist in the same house. 
The two didn’t get along on “The Ruins,” but things got personal on “Rivals” in 2011 when Wes threw Bananas into the final elimination Jungle against CT. Bananas was able to pull it out — breaking his streak of losing the final eliminations — but he remembered that Wes was the one to send him in. In the final for “Rivals” Wes gasses out, allowing Bananas and his partner Tyler to take the win. 
That bitter loss for Wes bubbled up again in 2013 when the two competitors met again on “Rivals II.” Neither of their teams ever had to face an elimination — the benefit of being veterans — but a huge fight broke out before the final challenge when Wes picks a fight with Bananas and calls him an old man. Bananas accurately points out that he’s beaten Wes and his partner CT in finals before because they both ran out of steam. Wes in “Rivals” and CT lost to Bananas in the first “Battle of the Exes.” 
Wes was able to pull it out in the “Rivals II” final challenge, but mostly because CT pulled him along. It was the first time Wes defeated Johnny in a final and inflated his ego that much more. 
Coming into “Battle of the Exes II” Bananas is the reigning king of Challenges. He’s won five total — “The Island,” “The Ruins,” “Rivals,” “Battle of the Exes” and “Free Agents.” It’s Wes that has something to prove when it comes to taking control of the house, hence why he has to rally the rookies for an alliance rather than creating a team of vets. 
However, Wes and Theresa have been physically dominant this season — winning two of the five challenges so far. When it comes down to it, alliances are great but they aren’t as important as winning the physical challenges and controlling who goes into elimination. Your past record doesn’t matter if you can’t make it into the power couple seat in the game you’re playing. 
Wes’ desire to Bananas down a peg is only amped by his partner’s desire to torment Banana’s ex Nany. Theres and Nany were close friends in “Free Agents” but have since become fierce enemies in the “Battle of Exes II” house as Theresa leads the mean girl ring that hates Nany for her flirtatious antics. With Wes and Theresa bent on taking out the same team Bananas and Nany know they have to do whatever they can to stop them from getting the power. 
This is why Bananas approaches Zach to put Wes first in Tuesday’s (Feb. 3) challenge. By going first Wes isn’t able to come up with a strategy and it’s more likely to slow down his time. Zach doesn’t like being told what to do and chooses to alienate his alliance with Bananas. Wes and Theresa go as the middle couple and are able to win the challenge. 
Bananas and Nany know they’ll be the couple to go in, and they’re defeated by Leroy and Nia in the log dangling challenge. Wes and Theresa celebrate wildly from the sidelines, but they have no idea about the secret elimination playoff taking place on MTV.com after every show. Bananas and Nany are not out of the game yet, and as one of the strongest teams in the house they have every chance of winning the exile competition. If they make it back into the house before the final challenge, know that they’ll be out for Wes and Theresa’s blood. 
However, as salty as Bananas must feel getting pushed out of the house halfway through the season, it can never feel as bad as the “Bananas backpack” from “Cutthroat.” In the greatest elimination to ever happen in 26 seasons of “The Challenge” MTV made the genius move to bring back CT for the final elimination just to wear Bananas as a custom backpack before throwing him into a metal trashcan. It still hurts, but is still so awesome. Relive the memory below. 
Posted by:Megan Vick