wes theresa bananas nany the challenge battle of the exes 2 'Battle of the Exes II': Theresa's smack talking creates a new rivalry

One of the most important rules in a “Challenge” house is don’t say anything you can’t back up — which is a lesson Theresa should have learned in “Free Agents” but is instead messing up in only the second week of “Battle of the Exes II.” 
Her target? Her former “Free Agents” BFF Nany, who Theresa has decided has gotten too promiscuous for her own good. Theresa shows no hesitation in sharing that opinion with the girls in her and Wes’ rookie alliance, creating a “We Hate Nany” group in the house. It’s a little messed up since Theresa isn’t a stranger to in-house hookups herself and whatever happened between Nany and Johnny Reilly is really no concern of Theresa’s (though Nany and Reil;y’s flirting does beg the question, what would Nany’s boyfriend Cohutta think?)
Theresa’s smack talking puts her and Wes in a precarious position when Nany and Bananas pull out a win at the suck and blow challenge. Now in the power position, Nany and Bananas both feel tempted to pay Wes and Theresa back for their arrogance in Week 1. Theresa’s lack of apology for slut shaming Nany to the other girls only adds fuel to the fire, even when Wes begs her to try and smooth things over. 
Considering how Nany had Theresa’s back all of last season, including when Theresa tried to take down Laurel and threw her alliance under the bus to do so, it’s a really cold move for Theresa to act so shady. It’s a lesson for Nany that Theresa isn’t to be trusted. These two can almost guarantee they will be partners if “Rivals III” ever rolls around. 
As annoyed with the situation as Bananas is, he manages to convince Nany that sticking to the tried and true method of eliminating rookies is the best strategy for this early in the game. They throw in Thomas and Hailey to go against Averey and Reilly in the elimination round. Before the nomination is announced Theresa commentates “[Bananas and Nany] would be stupid not to throw us in,” though, clarifying that this season is shaping up to be a battle for power between the two veteran couples. 
Reilly and Averey are able to pull out the elimination round, but are still a long way away from working out the tension in their relationship. It will not be shocking to see them back in the elimination round because they don’t know how to communicate with each other. 
In the “Battle of the Exile,” airing exclusively on the MTV app, Thomas and Hailey have a second chance to get in the game by taking on last week’s eliminated couple Dustin and Jessica. The two teams duel it out in a sweat challenge — 60 minutes to get as much sweat off their bodies and into a measuring cup as they possibly can. Unfortunately, Thomas and Hailey can’t pull it out and Dustin and Jessica move into the exile house to await their next eliminated couple competition. 
The drama continues on “Battle of the Exes II” next Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET on MTV. 
Posted by:Megan Vick