battleship taylor kitsch universal 'Battleship': Navy wanted a skinnier actor“Battleship” just opened at the box office on May 18, but it might not have looked exactly the same if the Navy had it’s way. According to director Peter Berg, the Navy requested that the film replace and overweight actor playing an officer with a skinnier one.

“The only significant modification I had to make” involved the actor
initially cast as a destroyer executive officer, Berg says in an
interview, according to SFGate.

“I cast without meeting him,” Berg says. “I saw him just on video. He
was 35 pounds overweight. The Navy consultants had a ‘body-fat’ rule.
They said ‘he’s too fat, don’t use him.’ I had to get rid of him. That
was the only issue I had with the Navy.”

What do you think of the complaint? Is no one in the Navy overweight? Are you pleased to hear it isn’t only women who have to deal with this in Hollywood? Let us know what you think below.

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