Marymcdonnell_battlestargalactica_2 I’ve been pretty clearly frustrated with this final season of Battlestar Galactica. With so many questions left hanging before the end, I feel like we’ve spent too much time watching Baltar found a new monotheistic religion, and the Galactica Four Cylons go all emo about what they are, and so on.

Even last week’s episode, wherein Starbuck was supposed to get some answers about Earth’s location, instead spouted enough riddles to make a Lost fan weep. She’s the harbinger of death? What?

I don’t usually mention the "next episode" teasers in my recaps because, well, they’re put together by marketing departments instead of writers. But I had to hope that the "All Will Be Revealed" tagline for this week’s ep was semi-accurate. Was it? Well…

Our A-plot is that of the captured basestar. Demetrius and the basestar have to jump together, for some reason, because it wouldn’t be as dramatic if the Demetrius jumped first and explained a captured basestar was on the way. Sure enough, the Demetrius has a jump problem, so the fleet scrambles to destroy the basestar that’s suddenly jumped into their midst.

At the last second, Tigh orders a weapons hold, prompting a quizzical look from Adama. The Demetrius jumps in, explains all, and here we have an actual plot-moving scene: Basestar Six, back on Galactica, explains that the Final Five have been to Earth, that they’re all on Galactica, and that Three knows their faces. She wants a deal: She’ll lead them to the central resurrection ship, which also contains the boxing facility. Six gets Three and the Final Five, and Galactica gets to destroy the resurrection hub and prevent any Cylon from downloading ever again.

Woof. What an opportunity. Imagine the promise of finally striking such a crippling blow against a next-to-immortal enemy. Of course, Adama, Roslin and Tigh don’t trust the Cylons, so they conspire to hold the Final Five hostage until after the mission and after they’ve been led to Earth. On the basestar, the Cylons are similarly plotting, to hold all humans on the basestar hostage until the Final Five are safely aboard.

Triciahelfer_battlestargalactica_24 The Quorum has grown restless about being kept in the dark regarding the mission; luckily, Apollo convinces Roslin to let Six talk to them. Six does, talking about how only real death gives the rebel Cylons purpose, and that Starbuck’s finding them was destiny. Starbuck (at the back of the room) flashes back to the Hybrid calling her the harbinger of death — well golly, she meant for the Cylons, not the humans! I hope.

That night, Roslin and Athena share a dream: Both are chasing Hera through the opera house, but Six and Baltar get to the girl first and disappear into white light behind giant doors. Athena wakes to Hera standing at the end of the bed, creepily sing-songing, "Goodbye." Shiver.

The next day, Starbuck happens to mention to Roslin that the basestar Hybrid mentioned the opera house. Roslin gathers up Baltar for whatever reason and an away team and heads to the basestar. On Galactica, Hera shows Athena drawings of the number six and duplicate mommies. Athena freaks, and Hera disappears while she does so. Athena races down a few corridors (intercut with the opera house) and finds Hera with Six and Tigh. Six backs off, but once Hera is safe, Athena kills the Cylon.

On the basestar, Roslin orders the Hybrid plugged in. Soon as it is, it screams "JUMP!" and the basestar disappears.

Wow. Now that was an episode. Was all revealed? Nope. Not close. But did we get plot motion? Oh yes. For one thing, what’s with new amputee Gaeta singing a song whose lyrics, while prescient, I can’t place? Is he the Final Cylon? Or just another prophet? What do you think?

Posted by:Andy Grieser