Edwardjamesolmos_battlestargalactic Memorial Day leave you feeling like a harbinger of death? The lack of new Battlestar Galactica sure didn’t help, considering the dire straits where we left the fleet.

This week, we pick up mere moments later: Six, gut-shot by Sharon, is being wheeled to the operating room. It’s too little too late, though, and she dies as Doc Cottle holds her hand. More devastating is the knowledge that she’s not close to a resurrection ship. Bye forever, this incarnation of Six. And hey! Cottle has a T in his name! Sure would make sense if Six was reaching out to the last Cylon.

I kid, mostly. I have to keep a sense of humor, because it’s hard not to laugh in the face of such a jumpy, disjointed episode. Seriously, entire chunks of plot were either leapt over or covered with exposition. What happened to show, don’t tell?

The biggest offender just has to be covered via flashback in the next episode. As the Galactica crew pieces together what happened to Roslin and Baltar last episode, a damaged Raptor jumps in nearby. Racetrack boards it and finds Pike dead. More important, she finds the Raptor’s previous coordinates. Once there, the scout wing finds signs of a huge battle, from wrecked Vipers and basestars to evidence that the resurrection hub was destroyed.

Wow. I’m glad we missed that in favor of an hour of politics.

Jamiebamber_battlestargalactica_240 The A-plot, such as it was, concerns Adama’s refusal to talk with Tom Zarek, now acting president. Must be that whole terrorist background. Zarek and Apollo agree they need to find a replacement acting president, one to whom Adama would listen, and if you didn’t see the end of this one coming a mile away, you need new glasses.

Apollo hires Romo Lampkin (always Badger in my heart) to head the search committee, and Badger stalks about quite a bit, whiteboards like Doc House, possibly kills his cat (or hallucinates a ghost cat — the time jumps confused me) and talks philosophy with Admiral Adama. In the end, he picks Apollo, of course, and then tries to kill him because Apollo’s just too good.

But it’s only a test, I think, and suddenly Apollo is sworn in as president and… gives Badger a dog. Ooookay.

In the B-plot, Adama is betrayed by Sharon (by killing Six last episode) and Tigh (by impregnating Caprica Six). Wait, what? We’ve been told Cylons can’t cross-reproduce! So it’s either not Tigh’s kid, or the Final Five can knock up normal skinjobs. My head hurts.

Anyway, Badger and Adama talk about the point at which a person no longer has the essentials they need to keep living. Adama decides Roslin’s absence has removed that essential, so he temporarily steps down and hands Galactica over to… Tigh. Who he knows is frakking a Cylon. Adama would rather sit in a Raptor and wait for Roslin and her basestar to jump back than to soldier on. So he does.

What… the… frak? I know the writers have a lot of ground to cover in this final season, but wow. This felt like watching a Powerpoint bullet list of where they want to start the next episode. What do you think?

Posted by:Andy Grieser