Jamescallis_battlestargalactica_240 So, everyone on Battlestar Galactica is well and truly frakked up. Again. Some more. As they have been the past three seasons. Might we see some forward plot momentum?

Well, sort of. The threads of the new Cylons’ actions grew and touched other major characters, so while we didn’t get any answers, we did get a hint of what we’d see along the way. The biggest problem: Where’s the urgency? The pacing of tonight’s episode felt as if the writers assumed they had four more seasons to develop the storylines.

Plus, none of the threads took precedence, so let’s approach them as Baltar would approve, by whichever feels right.

First, Chief deals with the fallout from Cally’s death. Not much to say here: Chief grieves, but then accidentally causes a Raptor to crash (nearly killing Racetrack) thanks to memories of his departed wife. During what Adama surely means as a heart-to-heart at the bar, Chief snaps back that he never really loved Cally — it’s obvious here he’s thinking of Sharon. Adama demotes him to specialist and orders him to reassignment.

Michaelhogan_battlestargalactica_24 Baltar and Tigh, in an entwined plot, learn pleasure and pain aren’t so far apart. Mostly. Baltar’s monotheist sect is attacked by polytheists, so he returns the favor by violently disrupting a service to Zeus. The president tries to pass a measure that would outlaw specifically Baltar’s sect, though a few members of the Quorum realize it could just as easily be used to outlaw their own religions.

While they debate, the sect is stopped from reuniting by military police. Hallucination Six urges Baltar to resist, claiming he’ll find inspiration, but he’s beat up pretty good. Best moment here? The hallucination lifts Baltar when he’s beaten down, and everyone sees it. They gawp at puppet-Baltar, but only for a moment before Apollo steps in to say the Quorum has overturned the president. Baltar’s sect is whole again, and he becomes space-Oprah by preaching that they’re all perfect just as they are.

Col. Tigh also wants to fill the empty space, so he goes to Caprica Six in the brig. She seems to recognize Tigh for what he is, and in his mind appears as Ellen as much as Six. She also encourages learning through pain, but reconsiders after beating Tigh to a pulp. Oops. Mulligan?

So, yeah. This was another bridge episode, and I have to wonder whether the storylines will pay off. We got no clue as to the fate of the rebel Cylons, nor did we learn anything about the final Cylon’s identity (though again it was hinted to be Starbuck). Luckily, we’re promised some answers next week, so maybe all of this will lead somewhere before the finale.

Posted by:Andy Grieser