writers: You do know that after tonight, you only have three episodes left, right? My humble opinion is that maybe we could start getting some answers.

[Play some spoilers with me.]


Our favorite crazy pilot is still seeing her own corpse in mirrors, dreams and the such, and that isn't helped by the monotony of sending out patrols to find habitable planets. That's fairly important, since the Cylon repairs can only buy Galactica a few more jumps.

Starbuck searches for answers, but the best she can get is wicked drunk, plus a drawing from Hera. Luckily for young miss Kara Thrace, the bar sports a piano player who mysteriously gets better when Starbuck suggests he learn to play. Yes, go on, remember that.

Starbuck befriends the Piano Man, which makes her flash back to learning piano from her father Dreilide. Another hint: Her father's one album, supplied by Helo, is titled "Live at the Helice Opera House." Hmmmm. Anyhoo, Piano Man is frustrated because he wants to compose a song, but has artist's block. Starbuck, meanwhile, seems to want to play but is blocked by anger (of course) at the way her father abandoned the family.

Piano Man, during a particularly difficult composition, suggests Starbuck play. Starbuck finds the drawing from Hera, which turns out to be notes, and she and Piano Man play "All Along the Watchtower," so strong and so loud that the Final Five (Minus Anders) are drawn to her. No points for guessing Piano Man was a vision of Dreilide all along. So, what's Starbuck again? A manifestation of Daniel?

Chief and Boomer

Sure, Boomer rescued Ellen Tigh, but the non-Final Five Cylons blame her for helping Cavill, so they ask Roslin to hand over the wayward Eight. They plan to hold a trial, but odds are Boomer will wind up dead. This doesn't sit well with Chief, who has been staring at other Eights and remembering Sharon Valerii.

Worse, when Chief visits Boomer at the brig, she somehow shoots him visions of the two of them in domestic bliss, complete with cute little daughter. Roslin warns Chief how well Boomer can manipulate others, but he insists she's good now. Uh-huh.

Driven to near madness, Chief conks a random Eight on the head and swaps her in the brig for Boomer. Living up to Roslin's expectations, Boomer beats up Athena and then fraks Helo, all part of a plan to abduct Hera and escape. Chief unwittingly helps, though he sure does feel bad about it, and in the process of jumping away, Boomer's Raptor tears a big freakin' hole in Galactica.

Worse, Roslin somehow senses Hera has gone and collapses. Oops!

So… The Cylons have Hera, and Starbuck is still Special, and we have three episodes to wrap up all this madness and find our human friends a new home. Anyone else confident all this can happen?

Posted by:Andy Grieser