is falling apart. The ship, that is. The series took another few baby steps toward resolving the story… but with only two episodes left, will baby steps be enough?

[These spoilers await your command.]

We get some bad news right away: The goop isn't repairing Galactica as expected, and Boomer has doubtless taken Hera to The Colony, a sort of roving Cylon homeworld. Adama is a bit too busy throwing a pity party to listen: "I've had it up to here with destiny, with prophecy, with God and the gods." You and me both, brother. I'm ready for some of these prophecies about destiny to pay off.

On Colonial One, Apollo tries to convince the new Quorum that Adama can command the fleet just as well from the Cylon basestar, considering Galactica's condition. The Quorum is a bit too enthusiastic about this: They immediately start calling dibs on various bits o' battlestar. Apollo is not happy at the thought of his dad's flagship being stripped for parts.

Starbuck, meanwhile, is listening to Baltar sermonize about angels. Uh-oh. She confronts him in the head, hilariously peeing while they talk. Baltar's newfound religion is genuine, he swears, and she gives him her corpse's dogtags since he's all science-y.

Anders, meanwhile, has been hooked up to a makeshift hybrid pool on Galactica in an attempt to reboot his brain. It didn't work, but he did use the goop to infiltrate the ship's electrical system, which is causing power surges. Starbuck asks for a moment alone, then has a really touching scene about just wanting "her Sam" back. Just as she's about to put a bullet in his brain, Sam grabs her hand and starts hybrid-babbling. Among his words are the familiar ones about Starbuck being the harbinger of death, and leading "them" to "their" doom.

She disconnects, but returns later. When she restores his link to the ship, I want to think he says "by your command," but on rewind it sounds more like "await command." Also according to Sam, "this has all happened before, and will all happen again." So we've heard.

In sickbay, Roslin (there for chemo) and Adama share a joint hidden in the pages of her book and muse about the meaning of home. For Roslin, home is anywhere Adama is… and while she knows he considers Galactica home, if he doesn't do something, he'll lose both of them. He looks thoughtful.

At a funeral for the various humans and Cylons killed by the damage from Boomer's jump, Baltar confronts Starbuck, saying the dog tags tested positive for her blood and necrotic flesh, which means she must have been literally reborn. Starbuck slaps him, and Adama clears the deck.

Apollo and Starbuck have a nice moment by the memorial wall where he tells her he doesn't care what she is: She's Kara Thrace to him, and always will be. Another amazing moment, great acting by both Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff. After Apollo leaves, Starbuck puts a picture of her short-haired self on the wall.

After a minor breakdown, Adama calls Tigh to his quarters and makes his decision: It's time to abandon ship and let the rest of the fleet salvage what they can. Ach, that breaks my heart.

Boomer and Hera's Excellent Adventure

Turns out The Colony is at least 12 jumps away from Galactica, assuming Boomer wasn't exaggerating to a whining, crying Hera. Said whining and crying is getting on Boomer's nerves, but she can't bring herself to pump the girl full of horse tranquilizers. Instead, Boomer mentions her happy place, the fake mind-house she and Chief visited.

Hera, surprisingly, can reach right into Boomer's mind and project them both into the house; the comforting surroundings quiet Hera and cause Boomer to express remorse for leaving Chief again. It's a bonding moment between Cylon and hybrid.

Unfortunately, the house party's over when our girls arrive at The Colony. Cavill takes Hera, who begins crying out Boomer's name, and Boomer's waterworks start flowing. I see a triple-cross in her future.

Posted by:Andy Grieser