Previously on Battlestar Galactica… Ellen Tigh returned as the final cylon model and escaped from Cavill with Boomer. A pre-surgery Sam let us know that there was also a #7 model named Daniel. Unfortunately, post-surgery Sam had almost no brain function. And Admiral Adama let Tyrol use Cylon technology to fix Galactica.

The Cylons
The raptor with Ellen and Boomer jumps into Galactica’s radar and BSG lets it onboard the ship. Tyrol identifies Boomer as such and she is put in the brig. Ellen reunites with Saul. It’s a little “get-a-roomy” for me. What with the murder-by-poison plus new-pregnant-girlfriend things floating around, I’m surprised at the amount of face-suckage.

She brings Cavill’s message of rebuilding the base ship to Adama, Roslin and Lee and asks to see the Final Four. She and Tigh are left alone and start doing it, but Tigh’s eyepatch gets ripped off and Ellen morphs into Six with Ellen’s hair. It’s creepy. Though I do much prefer Six to Ellen. I think Ellen looks like a female version of Ron Perlman from “Beauty & the Beast.”

After the nookie, Tigh confesses to having bedded Caprica Six but that he was thinking of Ellen the whole time. Oh, please Saul. Ellen has much the same reaction. She also balks at the notion that Ellen and Tigh made the Six model. So… that’s a little like he had sex with his… ew. And he IS like 30 years older than she is. Ew. I need an adult. Can I show you on the doll where BSG touched me?

The cylon models keep a close vigil at Sam Anders bedside. Then Ellen shows up

and Six asks the Tighs to jump away with them to the baseship to start

a new life. They argue that the fleet’s primary concern is HUMAN

survival and that with Caprica Six’s baby proves that there can be a

Cylong rebuilding. Ellen looks super-pleased to hear that Caprica Six

is pregnant.

Ellen comes right out and says, “You are our children!” Again…

ew. However, they take a vote amongst the Final Five about whether they

should stay or go. Tyrol and Tory want to go, Tigh and Sam (they all

know he would stay) want to stay and Ellen “hasn’t decided yet.”

Because she’s a skanky b*itch. Seriously, I am not an Ellen Tigh fan.

Ellen pays a visit to Caprica, informing her that she already did Tigh

and that they’re right back to their old fight n f-bomb ways. Ellen

asks just appalled that she spilled the beans about the Tigh Sex

because OF COURSE she thought Caprica already knew. Ellen then

name-drops “Liam,” the name Caprica and Saul had all picked out for

their baby.

After getting her digs in, she conceeds that Caprica wins and that Tigh

loves her the best. I wait for Ellen to stab Caprica in the abdomen but

she doesn’t. Huh.  Big of you, Ellen.

Tigh gets drunk with Adama, who is still having quite the time accepting that his best friend is a machine. Tigh jokes that his great-grandfather was a power center. They laugh drunkenly but sober quickly as Adama talks about the Cylon “goop” taking over the ship. He tells Saul that the humans need the cylons’ help.

Tigh goes to Ellen to tell her that Galactica needs the baseship. She changes the subject to Caprica Six, saying she just can’t take it. Suddenly Tyrol and Tory arrive and Ellen informs him that the vote is Sam and Tigh verses Ellen, Tory and Tyrol, so they’re outta here. Caprica wants her baby safe, so she’s coming too, as is Sharon.

Tigh argues that they can’t go, but Ellen says they are leaving soon. Tigh says “frack majority rule, I’m not going.” Ellen pints out to Caprica that there is something in the universe that Tigh loves more than Ellen or Caprica or the baby. Bill Adama.YEAH! Butch Cassidy and Sundance! Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn! JD and Turk! It’s our BSG Bromance, folks. Love it.

Suddenly, Caprica collapses and is rushed to Doc Cottle. Ellen reneges on the leaving-the-humans idea and tries to apologize. Caprica isn’t having much of it and Tigh icily dismisses her, then gives a passionate speech about loving Caprica, Ellen, the baby, Adama, the whole lot.

The baby is in distress, so Caprica asks that it be cut out of her and given a chance to live. Cottle won’t do it. Ellen tries to tell Caprica that Tigh loves Caprica more than he ever loved her and that Caprica, Tigh and Liam can stay on Galactica as a family. Just then, the baby’s heart stops beating and the doctors prep Caprica for the procedure.

Tigh goes to Adama and cries over losing Liam. It’s a really lovely scene by Olmos and Hogan. And the last scene of the show is Roslin and Adama noticing that Cylons have been putting pictures of their dead comrades on the wall with the humans.

Gaius Baltar
Gaius returns to his harem. The women aren’t too happy with him, since they’ve been beaten down and abused since he left and they feel completely abandoned. They did raid dead bodies for guns, though, and are going all “Miz Independent” on him, which is nice for them. Gaius sputters and stutters, then tries to make it sound like he stayed away on purpose to help them. He’s full of crap, so Hallucination Six arrives and tells him the harem has a new shepherd now.

The New Shepherd Paula shows Gaius around a nearby camp, where people (and a child named Gaius) are starving. Gaius orders the food hoarded by New Shepherd Paula and the Angels to be shared with the camp. As Gaius congratulates himself on his good deeds, some thugs hold Gaius up for the food. Oh, Gaius. Turns out it’s a gang called “Sons of Aries.” Both my dad and my boyfriend are Aries. Should I be worried?

Hallucination Six makes another appearance and plants doubt in his mind about New Shephered Paula. Gaius confronts the group of NSP, saying he goes against what NSP has been saying about not helping others. He then expresses his disappointment in NSP and dresses down the flock. Hallucination Six is feeding him lines and egging him on to get more guns so they can rise up. Oh, Gaius. Sigh. NSP looks dismayed.

Gaius takes his case to Apollo and Adama, saying that the starving, abandoned civilians need help and that the Cylons are taking things over little by little. Gaius offers a human solution and since our next shot is of guns being handed out to the Gaius Harem, I guess Adama agreed to go along with it.

President Roslin
Roslin’s big scene is asking Caprica Six if “this child” is important (like Hera). Caprica very coldly tells Roslin that “of course” the child is important. Wow, Roslin… really?

Kara Thrace gets drunk in the Galactica bar, next to Sam’s brain bullet. That’s all we get of her all episode.

Sam Anders
Right at the end of the episode, Sam shows some brain activity.

Not my favorite episode this season. I don’t like Ellen Tigh and nothing super-exciting happened. Tigh and Caprica lost the baby, but the bromance scene afterwards between Adama and Tigh was more emotional than the actual scene between Caprica and Six when the baby died. What do you guys think?

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