Tvpartyw503 There’s something about combining space,

politics and clones that makes us wish technology would get a move on.

Seriously, we are so 21st century. But all we have to do to get a taste of the

future is tune into the Battlestar Galactica marathon airing Wednesday, May

6, on Sci Fi Channel. Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos), President Roslin

(Mary McDonnell), a Cylon named Six (Tricia Helfer) and the rest of the

Galactica gang kept science-fiction lovers affixed to their television screens

for five glorious seasons. So call your geeky friends; we’re throwing a Battlestar Galactica party!


Setting the scene:

We’re not sure what it is about space that

seems to make all the ships so dirty, but in order to pull off this shindig,

you’re going to need to ditch the coffee tables and ottomans and go cavernous,

dark and stark. You’ll need all of your set-designing skills for this one. Buy

4-by-8 bulk sheets of corrugated cardboard and start

building the interior of a ship inside your living room. Check out the

publicity photos from the series for

inspiration. We suggest using flexible wire to connect the sheets and inserting

low-wattage puck lights, mini-LEDs and rope lights to make

things accurate. Invitations should be laminated “passes” in a modern font.

Party favors can include everything from the series DVDs, posters on “How to

Spot a Cylon” and the paperback books to pins or even the official Cylon

toaster, which burns weird designs into the bread.



While it’s probably illegal to impersonate

an officer of the fleet, we’re going to suggest it anyway because dressing like

sci-fi characters makes everyone feel better about themselves. A visit to

Monsters in Motion can score you

and your guests everything from uniforms and Cylon masks to badges and weapons!


On the menu:

It probably goes without saying that

everyone is going to want a piece of toast from the aforementioned toaster, but

what goes better with toast than the delicious algae that made up their diet?

We suggest shredded salad and coleslaw with a nice merlot.


On the hi-fi:

Luckily, there is the Battlestar

Galactica: Season One — Original Soundtrack to keep the kids on the dance

floor all night long.


The showstopper:

At first we thought it might be cool to move

this party to Cape Canaveral, Fla., and have a visit to the Kennedy Space

Center. But then we saw this

uber-cool, officially licensed life-size Cylon Centurion robot available from

the NBC Universal store. It stands 7 feet tall, is

made of fiberglass and makes a creepy whirring sound. Did we mention it’s only


Posted by:Michael Korb