Must be quite loud at the dinner table when the Baldwin brothers get together and talk politics.

"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin is a staunch supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. So is his little brother, Billy ("Dirty Sexy Money") Baldwin, who raised $58,000 for Obama’s campaign with a recent fundraiser-dinner at his home.

But to make it interesting, their brother Stephen Baldwin is now outspokenly supporting Republican candidate John McCain. A previous blog item inferred that Stephen would leave the country if McCain won. It’s actually just the opposite, as some readers pointed out. He’s leaving if Obama wins! Click here to hear him promise this!

So let’s set the record straight about who’s for who and why.

The actor, 38, and a born-again Christian, is voting Republican and calls Obama a "cultural terrorist," although his views seem to be less about politics and more about religion.

"My desire to be at the RNC was this goal that I have to support the candidate that I believe has the most faith," Stephen told "Access Hollywood." "Systematically, God is being erased and removed from our culture, our society, our government."

He added, "I think it’s kind of freaky, man."

Stephen is also against homosexuality and gay marriage, a stand which his brother Billy disagrees with.

Click here to read his interview in Out magazine about his brother’s anti-gay stand.

Then keep reading after the jump for Stephen’s conversation with Laura Ingraham’s countering his bro Alec’s threat to leave if Bush got elected.

]]> INGRAHAM: Alec and I are old friends. Didn’t he tell you that? He and I love each other? I thought he was going to leave America. He promised to leave and he is still here last time I checked. We love the Baldwin family. Sorry. BALDWIN: Now that you’re saying this, I just want to say right now, Laura, that it’s official, if Barack gets nominated, I will be moving out of the country. I just want to say that now. Now watch all the media have fun with that, but getting back to my point, exactly what you are saying is true. Here is what is freaky to me is the media and Hollywood is so convinced that Middle America and mainstream America cares what it thinks. That’s what shocks me. You have all these celebrities that are going to come out behind Obama. Whether he’s the best guy for the job doesn’t matter. He is the guy that will bring change. I love the questions that are outstanding. How is he going to bring the change? What is his plan? How is he going to do it? INGRAHAM: Don’t get me started. BALDWIN: Nobody is answering these questions. The other thing that’s pissing me off, if I can say it Laura… INGRAHAM: You can’t we’re almost out of time. BALDWIN: Why do they keep saying that four more years of McCain is four more years of Bush is the most stupid thing I have heard. It is totally untrue. I believe John McCain will be the next president of the United States and should be.

What do you think about the battling Baldwins? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Who would you like to see leave the country on Nov 4?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead