barack obama rally gi Bayonet backlash: Barack Obama debate remark draws ireBarack Obama is facing some backlash over the “bayonets and horses” slam he leveled against his opponent, Mitt Romney, in the final presidential debate.

Senator John McCain, who lost to Obama in the 2008 election, called the president’s remarks “cheap shots.” McCain spoke with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” following the debate. 

“Bayonets and horses. What’s that all about?” asked McCain. “When I debated then-Senator Obama, I didn’t criticize or belittle his lack of experience on national security issues. And he seemed to take these cheap shots. That’s not presidential.”

A bayonet manufacturer tells TMZ the president’s comment was “ignorant … because our soldiers still use bayonets.” Many news outlets are also quick to point out the U.S. Marine Corps showcases the bayonet on their website as “the weapon of choice when shots can’t be fired.”

Others clarify that horses are still actively used by the military, pointing to the Afghanistan “horse soldiers” that are commemorated at the 9/11 Memorial site.

Memes, as they will, pervade Facebook news feeds, representing both sides of the bayonet issue.

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