beach boys adam levine Beach Boys reunite at the Grammys, perform with Maroon 5 and Foster the People (but not John Stamos)If you didn’t already know that it’s been a long time since this lineup of the Beach Boys had played together, you’d be hard-pressed to tell by their performance at the Grammy Awards.

Original members Mike Love, Brian Wilson and Al Jardine joined with Bruce Johnston and David Marks for Sunday’s (Feb. 12) show to deliver a tight, sweetly harmonized version of “Good Vibrations.” They were joined on stage by Maroon 5 and Foster the People, who performed “Surfer Girl” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” respectively, before the Beach Boys came out.

Considering they first started making music half a century ago(!), the band’s harmonies still sounded really good. The Beach Boys are headed out on a 50th anniversary tour later this year, and they’ve clearly been working on getting sharp.

Not taking part in Sunday’s performance — at least not that we could see — was John Stamos, a friend of the band who has sat in with them frequently in recent years. Love teased Stamos’ appearance during a red-carpet interview, but unless he was deep in the background, we missed him.

What did you think of the Beach Boys at the Grammys?

Posted by:Rick Porter