alex pettyfer beastly 'Beastly' trailer: Teens, angst, NPH and an Olsen twin!“Beauty and the Beast” seems a natural for a teen retelling and this summer it gets just that with “Beastly.”

The trailer is out and admittedly The Dish Rag has watched it more than once.

]]>Alex Pettyfer stars as pretty, rich boy Kyle Kingson who is less-than-charitable towards those classmates of his that don’t meet his beauty standards. As a joke he invites a Goth girl (Mary-Kate Olsen) to a school dance as a joke, only to reject her brutally. Turns out Kendra is a witch who curses Kyle with a year of having his outward appearance match his inward one. If within that year he doesn’t find someone to love him for who he is, the transformation will be a permanent one. This is where Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens) enters into the equation. The Beauty (or Belle) to his Beast (or Beastly). Fun fact: “Lindy” is a form of “Linda” which means “pretty” in Spanish. “Beastly” hit theaters on Friday, July 30. Neil Patrick Harris and Peter Krause also star. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Photo credits: CBS Films

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