jay ryan headshot 'Beauty and the Beast' casting: Kristin Kreuk's Beast is Jay RyanThe Powers That Be behind The CW’s “Beauty and the Beast” pilot have finally found their beast. Thirty-one-year-old Jay Ryan, a New Zealand-based actor known in the U.S. for small roles on “Terra Nova” and “Legend of the Seeker,” will play Vincent Koslow. Koslow, the victim of a military experiment gone horribly wrong, now looks like a monster.

His “beauty,” Catherine, is set to be played by “Smallville” girl-next-door Kristin Kreuk. Catherine witnessed her mother’s murder nine years ago, but remembers that the murderer was killed by a Beast quickly after.

And then they solve crimes! No, but seriously, they solve crimes.

Though Ryan isn’t well-known to American audiences, he’s a TV veteran overseas, having appeared in “Neighbours,” “Go Girls,” and “Sea Patrol,” among other series. Also, he just looks like he belongs on The CW, doesn’t he?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie