beauty and the beast jennifer levin interview jay ryan max brown vincent evan cw 'Beauty and the Beast' interview: Executive producer Jennifer Levin talks about Evan's betrayal and what's coming in 'Heart of Darkness'

In a dark and potentially devastating twist at the end of the last “Beauty and the Beast,” Evan (Max Brown) spotted Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) on the fire escape — leading Evan to contact Muirfield.

What happens next, and how will the good guys make it through to the upcoming Season 1 finale? We asked “Beauty and the Beast” executive producer Jennifer Levin about that and got some intriguing answers.

Warning: There are mild spoilers in this interview.

Fortunately for everyone who has waited with anticipation during the couple of weeks since the last episode, there isn’t going to be much of a time or thematic jump into “Heart of Darkness.” “You know Evan saw Vincent and Cat making out on the fire escape,” Levin said. “Off of that, went to Muirfield. And so he has basically exposed them. And so we’re going to see them deal with that.”

Will Evan give any explanation as to why he would do such a thing? The answer is a big and happy yes on that one. “He’s going to tell her why he did it, that he loves her and he did it for love,” Levin explains. “This is going to make Cat feel … Well, first of all, she’s nervous and freaked out for Vincent. But she also feels a little bit culpable, like did she lead Evan on, because she’s had a sense of his feelings for awhile.”

These revelations are even going to be enough to make Evan question all of his actions with regard to Muirfield.

Speaking of revelations, Cat and Vincent also have to deal with another person — Tess (Nina Lisandrello) — knowing about their secret. While Tess isn’t about to betray Cat anymore, there will be some tension remaining between the two friends. “Tess’ friendship, Tess’ loyalty is going to be tested,” Levin said. But then she added,”I think it’s going to get stronger. But obviously, there’s going to be conflict along the way. [Tess] holds a lot of power now.”

After “Heart of Darkness,” there are only a few episodes remaining before the Season 1 finale. Levin confirms that this finale will be a major cliffhanger, and that fans can expect at least one beloved character to be in danger of losing his or her life before the season ends. Does a buildup like this mean that we can expect a seconds season for “Beauty and the Beast”?

Nothing is certain yet, but Levin did express confidence that the show had a good shot at renewal. The executive producer credited fan support for a lot of that. “It’s totally made a difference!” Levin said of the fans’ devotion. “The network, the studio — they look at that. They care about it. They hear it, we hear it.”

“Heart of Darkness” airs Thursday, April 18 at 9pm on The CW.

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