beauty and the beast nina lisandrello tess interview cw 'Beauty and the Beast' interview: Nina Lisandrello shares Tess' reaction to the big secret

At the end of the last “Beauty and the Beast” episode, “Insatiable,” Tess (Nina Lisandrello) confronts and shoots Vincent (Jay Ryan) — only to then see Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) rush to Vincent’s aid. What could possibly come after an ending like that? Nina Lisandrello shared a few hints about what is to come on the show and with Tess.

Since the last episode ends with Tess shooting Vincent, what comes next?

Nina Lisandrello: The episode literally picks up from where we left off. And you know it’s Tess shooting Vincent, and Catherine running in, screaming, “No!” Tess really believes that her partner is there to cover her, and then all of the sudden, it all becomes very clear what is going on, and Tess becomes overwhelmed and takes off.

How much of the secret will Tess find out?

Nina Lisandrello: Tess is going to find out everything. It’s up to her to decide what’s she’s going to do with the information.

What will her reaction be to the information?

Nina Lisandrello: Tess is going to find out that the man that she just shot is the man that Catherine loves, and then Tess is going to have to decide whether or not she is going to side with her best friend or the man that she loves. Because Vincent killed Joe’s brother.

It is going to create more of a dilemma for Tess as to who her loyalty lies with. Does it lie with Joe or does it lie with Catherine?

Tess is going to have to start to question everybody that she works with. Tess’ reality has become completely different and the people in her precinct aren’t necessarily who she thought they were.

Will Tess be able to trust Catherine after this?

Nina Lisandrello: Tess doesn’t know who Catherine is anymore. When she finds all of this stuff out, she doesn’t know who her best friend is. She doesn’t know who to trust, so she becomes very conflicted. Because having a boyfriend who mutates into a beast is not a normal thing. Her sense of reality and trust go completely out the window.

How do you see the evolution of Tess over the course of the first season?

Nina Lisandrello: I think Tess is really starting to become more of a three-dimensional person. I think Tess was pretty highly stylized and there was that whole man-slayer thing. Now she’s on the journey… When you find out that a girl who pretends to be so confident and have all the answers is sleeping with her married boss, we’re going to start to see more of the truth of her and more of her flaws and more of her vulnerability. I think, at the end of the day, Tess is a very insecure, delicate flower, even though she tries really hard to depend that she’s not. And you’ll see that in [the next] episode. You’ll really see that side of her.

The hardest part about playing Tess has been being not let in on Catherine’s double life. It’s been really difficult to play a perceptive person who knows that her best friend is lying to her, yet continues to make excuses for her and chooses to ignore her strange behavior.

The next “Beauty and the Beast” episode, “Partners in Crime,” airs Thursday, March 28 at 9pm on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown