The first “Beauty and the Beast” episode of 2014, “Don’t Die on Me,” ended with all important characters alive and (sort of healthy). But what about love? Did everything between Vincent and Catherine die in a single episode?

Was it all for nothing?

At one point in “Don’t Die on Me,” Cat asks Vincent if all of their struggles over two years would be for nothing. She doesn’t get much of an answer directly, but Vincent definitely takes the path of leaving it all behind.

Granted, Vincent has a pretty good reason to be irritated with Catherine these days. She did, after all, shoot him. With Tori whispering in his ear that this was very wrong, and even JT taking the shooting-bad side of things, why would Vincent feel any differently about the whole thing?

This is not, however, a valid reason to choose Tori over Cat when it comes to saving the day. I mean, really?

Consolation prize: Cat and Gabe

Are there Beasties out in the world who ‘ship Catherine and Gabe? If so, they might be (the only ones) jumping for joy at the end of “Don’t Die on Me.” While Vincent is off almost-dying and causing trouble with Tori, Gabe is actively doing everything he can to help out Cat. He even tampers with evidence for her! That’s love.

Unfortunately for Gabe, the love is probably only temporary. Vincent and Cat are end-game, which means that Gabe can only anticipate a future of heartache and loss. Oh well. At least he can enjoy the present!

Revelations and changes

Love may not have fared so well in this most recent “Beauty and the Beast” episode, but at least some big plot points managed to sneak their way into the story. For one thing, we learn that JT has been hanging out with Vincent all these years due to a sense of guilt: It was the scientist who submitted Vincent’s name to the Muirfield study.

Then there’s the strange issues surrounding Tori’s dad and the mean people out to discover … something. Since the dead man/beast **literally has skeletons in his closet, it’s likely that this will be rather important as time goes by.

Plus, there’s a new group of people to connect the dots about Vincent.

Speaking of Vincent, his coming-out at the end of the episode marks one of the biggest changes in “Beauty and the Beast” history. No one knows he’s a beast (for now), but Vincent Keller is once again a living man.

Do you think they went with amnesia as a cover story?

Posted by:Laurel Brown