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You can’t accuse “Beauty and the Beast” of being inefficient in Season 2. Over the course of a single episode, Catherine tracks down Vincent (twice), gets kidnapped, kisses the guy, has sex with him, gets tied up, chases him to a club, plans a second date and breaks up in a violent fashion.

This kind of drama usually takes a full season! Keep reading for a more detailed account of the crazy drama.

“Yay. Muirfield’s gone.”

The above line may just be the best thing ever uttered by Kristin Kreuk in her entire career. Totally sums up Catherine’s attitude about anything and everything that is not Vincent these days.

You see, everyone knows that Vincent went and murdered the head of Muirfield after sneaking out on Cat. By itself, this really wouldn’t bother anyone (since they all hate Muirfield), but there’s also the fact that Vincent has changed his M.O. with this killing. Instead of killing for defense, this was premeditated and vicious.

Catherine doesn’t think it’s so bad though. Nothing a couple of turkey-avocado sandwiches on the rooftop can’t fix anyway!

“Did I not shower before?”

First dates are always awkward. First dates that aren’t really first dates but kind of feel like it due to amnesia? Those are a disaster.

Catherine and Vincent learn this quickly. Despite having no way to contact or track down her beloved, Cat gets her man on the roof — Vincent just kind of shows up. This indicates that both of these guys are essentially stalking each other at this point.

But there’s a fine line between love and borderline-criminal obsession. Romance does seem to have a chance for awhile here, but then Catherine spooks Vincent. So he jumps off the roof. As you do.

Thanks to the NSA-worthy spy skills of Gabe and Tess (and later JT), Catherine is able to track Vincent through the (geographically correct) streets of lower Manhattan. But why is Vincent heading to Riker’s Island and its prison?

The answer doesn’t come immediately, but it does involve an incarcerated drug dealer named Carlos Hernandez. Vincent shoots and then questions the guy. But he can’t really act on his plans — Cat has shown up.

“Are we on a boat?”

Guess what? Vincent has a boat in “Beauty and the Beast” Season 2! Whoever is bankrolling the super-soldier’s missions has some serious cash.

Alas, Catherine doesn’t appreciate the luxurious setting, thanks to a bout of seasickness. This does, however, get Vincent to remove Cat’s blindfold and untie her wrists. Of course, the next step is sandwiches, followed by kissing and sex.

Romantic, yes. Memory-inducing, not so much. It’s a start!

“I just kidnapped you. I don’t see that as a sign of wanting to connect.”

Like many men, Vincent doesn’t want to cuddle long after doing the deed. Unlike most men (hopefully), he quickly reties Catherine and then heads out to meet another woman.

Thanks to the arrival of Gabe, Cat does get herself untied. The two find out that Vincent has been social-networking with a young woman named Gina Carollo. Gina is connected to one of Carlos Hernandez’s rivals, so Gabe theorizes that Vincent is off to kill her on the drug dealer’s orders.

“There are more of them out there.”

Vincent meets Gina and her friends at a club where he quickly lures the girl into a VIP room. But before Vincent can kill or whatever, Cat and Gabe show up. Even in a super-loud club, the arrival of Catherine is something Vincent can neither miss nor ignore. Leaving Gina behind, the hot beast goes to tell Cat that his mission is to protect — not kill — the young woman.

Unfortunately for Gina, another fellow has different plans and totally wants to kill her. Vincent does manage to intervene just in the nick of time, and a vicious fight follows. As Catherine watches in stunned horror, Vincent narrowly defeats … another beast?

It looks like Muirfield has gone for mass production on its super-soldier line.

“Memory’s overrated.”

In the calm after the storm, Tess and JT bond over best friends that they never see anymore. Catherine and Gabe realize that Hernandez must have purchased a different super-soldier. And then Cat gets a note at her door that simply says “Roof.”

Vincent is there, still without memories but suddenly much more anxious to have a picnic date with his one-time love. Catherine is all for this, but she still wants to know what’s going on with the beast. Who owns him? Why is he being sent on kill missions.

Naturally, Vincent doesn’t want to talk. When Catherine presses him on it, the suddenly-beastly beast gets angry, calling Cat a one-night stand and shoving her to the ground.

Bad move, buddy.

Vincent does apologize, but the damage is done. Catherine heads straight to Gabe and finally agrees that they need to stop and possibly cage Vincent.

So much for picnics!

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