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Never take a beast to a high-school reunion. It’s not likely to end well.

Catherine finds this out very clearly in the “Beauty and the Beast” episode, “Reunion.” How could it have turned out well when she was being pursued by not one but two beasts?

Cat isn’t good at parties

Poor Catherine Chandler might want to just avoid all social engagements that don’t consist solely of someone leaping in through her window. Those are the only ones that seem to really work out for her.

Still, you can’t blame a girl for trying! And try she does in this episode. Not only does Catherine host a small get together with high school friends, but she also manages to attend her 10-year high school reunion (Note: Don’t do the math on this. It won’t come out right and is only distracting.)

That initial party even seems to go well for awhile — lots of wine and girl talk. This all changes when a new beast sneaks in through the window and tries to kill Cat. Fortunately, one friend is still around, and she distracts the beast enough for Catherine to pull her gun.
Beast-man leaps out of the window, yellow eyes a-blazing.

Yes, Catherine’s friend — who is inconveniently a reporter with good eyesight — sees this. She also sees a story, even if she can’t get anyone to corroborate her strange tale.

Vincent has a friend!

It turns out that Vincent has other friends in his past, not just JT. And one of those friends just happens to be a beast. Zach Hayes was once one of Vincent’s fellow soldiers, and he was another Muirfield experiment who managed to survive.

Oh, and Zach is totally the beast who attacked Catherine earlier. The boy has some anger issues, to put it mildly.

At least Zach can explain away his actions by claiming to just be trying to save himself from the beast-murderer (aka, Vincent). That’s good enough for Vincent, who really wants a boys night out on the town.

Along with JT, the former army buddies hit a bar they used to love. Over pool and beers, Zach brings up a woman named Gabriella. It seems that both Zach and Vincent slept with this woman right before leaving for war. Awkward!

Vincent broke the bro code, Zach broke the girl

As Tess and Gabe figure out via a DNA test, Zach was more than a little angry about Vincent sleeping with his girl. Rage-filled is more appropriate. That rage unfortunately translated in Gabriella being ripped to shreds in 2005.

It’s fortunate for Catherine’s continued survival that Bob the FBI Guy (who is, of course, Cat’s bio-daddy) learns about this murder in time to warn Vincent. All roads lead to that reunion.

Party like it’s 2003

Despite mean girls doing the check-in and despite nerds named Ira trying to hit on Catherine from inside a mascot costume, the reunion is going surprisingly well for Catherine at first. But then Gabe and Tess show up with a warning about Zach. Vincent follows close behind.

The mood is pretty much ruined for Catherine after this. Instead of dancing like a fool to Guster and OutKast, Cat spends time feeling inadequate with Vincent about how she isn’t married and knocked up. Slow music indicates that Vincent should comfort his girl with a slow dance at this point, but that doesn’t exactly happen.

What does happen is Zach killing poor Ira the Mascot in a hallway and then sneaking up to kill Catherine next. Vincent does manage to save his true love, and a big beast fight follows. As expected, this kind of clears the room.

Vincent wins, thanks to the motivation of love (which is stronger than rage, even in a beast). Zach falls dead to the floor with a broken neck.

The party ends in death. And Beth the reporter can’t even get a story out of it!

Who’s your daddy?

Despite the mayhem and carnage, Catherine and Vincent are actually in a better place after the chaos dies down. They each recognize how much trouble the other is going through and even share a sweet little kiss before Vincent has to leave.

Gabe takes Vincent’s place. After a few requisite jokes about apocalypse-themed reunions, Cat shares some photos with her friend. A graduation picture suddenly attracts extra attention — that’s because a familiar-looking man is in the background. Say cheese, Bob!

Catherine may have just figured out who her father is.

A few odds and ends

  • Are low-rise jeans already such a thing from the past that we make fun of them?
  • Gabe and Tess share a lot of banter in “Reunion.” All of this makes it a little hard to believe that Gabe is more interested in Catherine than her best friend.
  • The funniest moment of the evening may have come from the revelation that Cat dated a guy called Bill the Snake in high school.
  • Runner up: Vincent and JT “bonding” by watching TV and eating in silence.
  • For the record, I was on the set for the filming of this episode. Poor Sendhil Ramamurthy had a cold.

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