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At this point on “Beauty and the Beast,” even love is a lie. That’s what become apparent to just about everyone in the “Liar, Liar” episode. Sure, some of those lies are for good causes. But can anything good come out of something as fundamentally bad as a lie?

This recap may have the answer.

Metaphorical scarves

While covering up an illicit bruise in the hickey location, Catherine is first interrupted by a text from Gabe and then a visit from her sister. Heather is there to tell Cat about her new job and then not tell Cat about their father.

Vincent walks in on JT jump-roping to pop music. He’s all serious and stuff, totally just looking for Catherine and not interested in his buddy’s workout routine. JT isn’t cool with this and starts down memory lane solo.

It’s just that Vincent feels really badly about hurting Catherine the other night. Not that he’s going to do anything directly. That’s JT’s job. Vincent has other business to attend to — messed-up FBI-related business.

This business is somewhat interrupted by another beast-type who — literally — rips out the FBI agent’s heart.

Catherine then meets with Gabe to talk about how Vincent is not really abusive. Whether he is or not, Gabe isn’t a huge fan of raiding Vincent’s boat. After all, the new-and-improved beast can sense lies and then rip people’s limbs off. That makes him dangerous.

But further plans cannot be made — Tess calls with news of the new beast’s murder scene.

Party tricks and mysterious lists

Before Cat, Gabe and Tess can do much investigating, Agent/Dad Bob interferes. And then JT calls to complain about Vincent’s newly abusive ways. At least this gives Vincent an alibi. Said alibi gives Vincent the chance to check out the crime scene.

There, he meets the evil beast. We know the guy is bad because he has an English accent and an evil laugh. Evil Beast Dude at least does Vincent the service of mentioning a mysterious “list” that Vincent is on.

That cannot be good.

Back home, Cat has broken into Vincent’s boat to confront him on the violence and distrust and stuff. She spends a lot of the time lying about stuff — thanks to a tack in Catherine’s shoe, however, the beast can’t tell she’s a lying liar who lies.

Catherine leaves with her limbs intact and dating plans.

Art galleries? Why not?

Using info taken from the boat, Catherine and the team find some names and a time. They don’t really know what’s up with that, but Cat’s fake date with Vincent should help.

Those of us in the audience, however, learn important stuff faster than the characters. A call from Bob to Vincent reveals that Evil Beast is named Sebastian. Sebastian’s daddy owns the art galleries. The list in question is a kill list.

Why is Vincent on the list? Bob insists that he’s not, pointing out that Vincent could kill him at a moment’s notice. They also discuss how the NYPD got hold of the information about the art galleries in the first place. Vincent doesn’t think it’s on his end, but the seeds of doubt are planted.

When he goes to meet Catherine for their date that night, Vincent senses that things are a little off. Cat tries to explain away everything with other life troubles, but her boyfriend isn’t buying it.

Oh, and apparently Vincent now has a photographic memory with a built-in fingerprint analysis skill. Catherine is so busted!

Catherine and humidity and bombshells over coffee

Heather only has two reasons not to move to Miami to take a dream job: Catherine and humidity. But she didn’t want to talk to Cat about the awful weather — Heather finally is ready to mention the whole “By the way, your dad isn’t really your dad” thing.

Cat doesn’t take it well. This fair. It’s kind of a big deal.

Vincent can lie too

Of course, Cat now feels bad that Vincent feels bad that she betrayed his trust and totally broke into his computer for secret info. Catherine might want to consider the psychological implications of this need to take on blame.

Anyway, Tess figured out that the dead FBI guy was trailing the Evil Beast to the art galleries. The question now is why.

Catherine doesn’t have time to answer this question. Instead, she has to figure out why Vincent has a sudden desire to go swimming — he uses JT’s story about the pool to lure Cat out on a date. Fortunately, our favorite detective is not an idiot. Once she double-checks that Vincent’s story about a miraculous memory is fake, she goes online to figure out what’s happening at the same time that Vincent wants her to avoid.

It’s an art auction. “Friday at 5” is actually a painting being sold at an event in honor of the gallery owner’s son, Sebastian. It seems that the Evil Beast was once a Special Forces soldier supposedly killed in action.

“What are we going to do if a beast brawl breaks out?”

All dressed up, Catherine and her buddies head over to the auction and plan to stop whatever from happening. Cat’s big plan seems to involve dancing with a suspicious Vincent and keeping nothing secret.

She doesn’t get much out of the Beast before he pisses her off. That’s less than effective. All this dance really does is point Sebastian straight in the direction of Catherine.

At least Tess figures out that Sebastian has shown up to kill his father in public (because Dad once sent him off to war). The good guys evacuate the building, but Cat ends up trapped in an elevator with the targeted Dad. Apparently thinking that Vincent’s lady friend would be a more fun kill, Sebastian tries to drop her down an elevator shaft.

That doesn’t work. This is because Vincent doesn’t let people hurt his Catherine, even if he doesn’t remember her. Sebastian goes down the shaft instead, while Vincent grabs Cat at the last second.

Interestingly, the act of saving her life suddenly triggers real memories in Vincent. Not that Cat will believe any of them at this point.

Touchy-feely ending stuff

Once the murder issues are out of the way, it’s time for emotional conclusions.

  • Heather and Catherine reconcile over how they keep too many secrets from each other. Heather is totally going to Florida now.

  • Tess wants to polygraph Gabe, mostly because she thinks that Gabe has a crush on Catherine. We don’t need a lie detector to see that …

  • Vincent appears on Catherine’s fire escape — this is one of the things he has remembered. Surprisingly, Cat believes that her beastly boyfriend has some memories, but she doesn’t much care. Vincent has too many other lies going on. Until he can share who he’s working for and why, she’s out.

That said, the history of “Beauty and the Beast” indicates that Catherine will change her tune and be all over Vincent within a couple of episodes. Let’s hope so — love is what makes the show go round!

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