beauty and the beast midseason man or beast catherine gabe cw 'Beauty and the Beast' recap: Triumph and heartbreak in 'Man or Beast'

“Beauty and the Beast” ended its fall season with the rather heartbreaking finale, “Man or Beast.” Even though the good guys took down Agent Bob Reynolds and save the beasts, Catherine and Vincent are both alone and broken at the end.

Find out what happens in this recap.

Delayed boom

Shockingly, Vincent isn’t dead.

It takes far more than just one little bomb to take out a beast like Vincent. You see, the bomb was meant to deal with one soldier/beast. That bomb didn’t take into account that another beast might not want to get incinerated.

And Tori didn’t want to die in a fiery blaze. Double-beast action got the good guys out before everything went boom.

Two wrongs don’t make a right

Plus, two beasts in Cat’s apartment don’t make her happy — even if one of them is Vincent. With Vincent gunning for Catherine’s father and Tori unconscious (but way connected to Vincent), it’s safe to say that Cat has some mixed feelings.

At least Catherine manages to convince Vincent not to go kill Daddy immediately.

Unfortunately for everyone, alternate plans are few and far between. The best anyone can come up with is to blackmail Agent Reynolds until the FBI baddie incriminates himself. Sound flimsy? Catherine thinks so too. But short of murder, that’s what they’ve got.

The hope is that they can track the hitman and simultaneously recover one of the beast bodies from the morgue. Easier said than done on that … They even have to get it all done before Reynolds flees to Switzerland.

Despite JT and Tess arguing about mutual attraction and despite Gabe’s incredibly awful acting abilities (kudos to Sendhil Ramamurthy, by the way, for the incredible acting that allows him to play a bad actor), the plan comes together nicely.

Vincent channels Yoda

JT and Tess get the fun job of stealing a body (apparently this involves walking into a morgue and asking), while Vincent and Tori track down the murderous guy.

Since Tori doesn’t know how to track bad guys yet, this process requires Vincent to play the Yoda to Tori’s young Jedi. She figures out quickly that the hitman is all smelly and stuff.

But Vincent kind of forgets to tell Tori to not kill the hitman. Oops.

“The law kinda sucks.”

Tori’s cool with killing people at this point. She is a very angry young woman and thinks the only path to justice involves ripping off a few limbs. The question is: Will Vincent go down the beast path or will he stick to the law?

While Tori tries to lead Vincent to the dark side, the law-loving folk are going to use the hitman’s phone (pilfered by a quick-thinking Vincent) to carry out the plan. Gabe is just going to pretend to have the assassin in custody while setting up Reynolds. Interestingly, Cat doesn’t like this plan — mostly because it involves Gabe putting himself in danger.

Nothing like an enhanced love triangle to take us into the holidays!

“I would do it again to save my daughter from a beast like you.”

Shortly after meeting with Catherine and professing his continued affection for the girl, Reynolds meets with Gabe. Suddenly a better actor than a few minutes ago, Gabe convinces Reynolds that the bomb-maker is in custody and gets a recorded admission of guilt.

He also gets Reynolds to drive off in a car containing a cadaver. So that’s a plus.

Catherine is waiting nearby, ready to arrest dear old Dad for his crimes against beasties. Although Reynolds protests the whole thing was to make up for past wrongs and to protect Cat, she isn’t really buying it.

Maybe Reynolds would have made his case better if Vincent hadn’t jumped on the car hood before they get too far. Crashing impressively into barrels full of water, Cat gets knocked out and Vincent grabs Reynolds. He’s just about to kill the bad Dad when Catherine awakens and tries one more time to instill a moral compass in her beastly lover.

Vincent would rather kill Bob. With Catherine’s pleas falling on deaf ears, Vincent prepares to end his Reynolds problem once and for all.

That’s when Catherine shoots Vincent. Yes, that happened.

She didn’t kill the beast or anything, but it’s generally a shock when one’s girlfriend and supposed true love shoots a hole in the abdomen. Vincent runs off into the night, leaving a bloodied — but alive — Reynolds with Cat.

Sad endings, because this is a midseason finale and all

You can’t go into the midseason hiatus without a little heartbreak, right? “Beauty and the Beast” doesn’t think so.

With only Gabe for comfort, Catherine sees her biological father behind bars and ready to confess. Vincent, meanwhile, is tending to his own wounds — because Tori has been off partying or getting her nails done or something like that. Seriously, where was she throughout the big climax?

Whatever the case, Cat says goodbye to Vincent and the fall season with tears on her rooftop. Alone.

Posted by:Laurel Brown