kristin kreuk jay ryan beauty and the beast gallery 500 cw 'Beauty and the Beast' Season 1 finale: Kristin Kreuk says 'fans may not like' season's ending

Kristin Kreuk says there won’t be an easy way out for “Beauty and the Beast” fans if the show doesn’t get a second season.
The CW series starts its last run of new episodes for the current television year Thursday (April 18), with work comrade Evan (Max Brown) coming clean to police detective Catherine Chandler (Kreuk) about his feelings for her. As she films the season finale this week, the former “Smallville” actress confirms story threads will be left untied … and she’s hoping for a network pickup that would resolve them next season.
“It’s different, to be honest,” Kreuk tells Zap2it about winding down her series’ season without knowing whether there will be another.
“On ‘Smallville,’ we were pretty much sure every single year that it would be going again. It’s a different environment when a crew doesn’t feel as stable, but we have a really wonderful team. Nobody knows anything for sure, but everyone’s staying positive. And I think we’re proud of the work that we’ve done.”
That includes the development of Catherine’s relationship with the beastly yet hunky Vincent (Jay Ryan), her self-appointed protector with whom she’s finally become romantically involved.
“I don’t think any of us, including the producers, thought we would go there this season,” Kreuk allows. “I feel like them in a relationship is a little more interesting in some ways than them out of a relationship. Their love was clear almost from the start, so I like the struggles they go through in a relationship — as opposed to the struggle of, ‘Are we going to be in a relationship or not?'”
Expect those struggles to continue right up to the last minute of the last scheduled episode Thursday, May 16. “The fans may not like this,” Kreuk says, “but there’s no way it could be simply a series finale. If we don’t get picked up, there’s going to be a massive cliffhanger that they’re going to have to deal with. Huge cliffhanger.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin