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“Beauty and the Beast” Season 2 finally returned after a long hiatus on Monday (June 2). But did “Beast Is the New Black” live up to fans’ expectations? Vote in the poll below.

Highlights of the return!

There are some definite highlights in the first “Beauty and the Beast” episode of the summer. While this may not be all of the good things, it’s a start:

Tess and JT

Who knew this couple would be so much fun in their post-sex awkwardness? But they really are, and it’s especially good of “Beauty and the Beast” to let every single character know what’s happening within minutes. That’s much more entertaining than watching people lie and tiptoe around the issue for a month or two. Besides, these are two people who really deserve something decent in their lives.

Catherine and Vincent

All might not be right in the “Beast” world, but at least things are better than they are when Catherine and Vincent are apart. Whatever foolish choices these characters make in “Beast Is the New Black” — and there are a few — at least they’re doing it for each other.
Plus, the fact that Vincent is on the run at the end means that they make plans to spend the night in the bathroom. That is a supremely entertaining choice.

Gabe isn’t a bad guy

Sure, he was dumped, but Gabe isn’t setting up Vincent for murder. It’s the obvious choice (for a lot of reasons), but “Beauty and the Beast” has opted to take another route. Gabe is the jilted lover, but he’s not the traitorous friend. There’s a big difference.

Cat’s dad

Whatever is going on and whoever is behind the latest anti-Catherine-and-Vincent-happiness campaign, at least it gives Cat a chance to go visit her biological father in prison. The interplay between those two characters is always a lot of fun, and you just can’t hate the friendly, self-confident man who doesn’t think Vincent is good (or human) enough for his little girl.

Lowlights of the return …

All in all, this is a pretty solid episode of “Beauty and the Beast.” The biggest problem? The show has been gone for so long that it’s a little bit hard to remember everything that happened earlier in Season 2.

For example, I had a lot of trouble remembering who it was that Vincent was supposed to have killed. “Beast Is the New Black” does make this clear, but memory problems are a serious factor in the viewing experience. Thank goodness for “previously on” clips — without those, I might not have remembered that the previous episode ended with Catherine and Vincent “reconciling”!

One other possible complaint is Vincent’s odd choices. Sure, he wants to keep Catherine and the rest of his friends safe, but why exactly does that mean starting a fight, getting taken to the hospital and beasting out? At least we can possibly chalk up this one to the pressure — Vincent really isn’t having a good day.

What do you think? Is “Beast Is the New Black” a fitting return for “Beauty and the Beast” or are you left wanting more? Vote in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown