beauty and the beast season 1 finale never turn back cw 'Beauty and the Beast' season finale: Death, revelations and a kidnapping in 'Never Turn Back'

A lot of things happened in the “Beauty and the Beast” season finale. There was death. There were big revelations. And absolutely everything ended on a cliffhanger!

There were many busy beasts in this one.

Revelations and cliffhangers

When considering this season finale, keep in mind one important thing: The episode was written before anyone knew that “Beauty and the Beast” was getting a second season.

That means that all of the revelations — few of which are explained — and all of the cliffhangers might never have been resolved. Seriously, ponder that horror for a few moments.

That being done, let’s move on to the revelations:

  • Gabe can’t be cured without killing Vincent. The biology of how all this worked was confusing, but death did seem to be the outcome.
  • Anti-beast pills can be very effective.
  • Catherine’s father isn’t her father.
  • Catherine’s father is the mysterious man shooting at and kidnapping beasts from a helicopter.

And now, the cliffhangers:

  • The main cliffhanger is, of course, what is going to happen to Vincent? Where are they taking him? How will Catherine get him back?
  • Is Gabe even alive?
  • Will Catherine’s non-biological father pull through?
  • Who were those helicopter men anyway?
  • Why does the head creepy guy know immediately and from a distance that Catherine is his daughter?

Death and destruction

There was a lot of blood — both human and beast — spilled before “Never Turn Back” came to an end. Which characters got in on the pain and suffering?

  • Tyler — Gabe’s scientist girlfriend probably deserved bad things to happen to her, but getting taken out by the mysterious bad guys was a bit much.
  • Gabe — However much bleeding Gabe did during his climactic battle with Vincent, it was nothing compared to what he got from all of those helicopter bullets. Did Gabe even survive? It was rather hard to tell.
  • Catherine — While suffering only minor injuries at the end, Catherine was not exactly in prime condition as the first “Beauty and the Beast” season ended.
  • Catherine’s dad (more or less) — The dad Catherine has always known ended the season in a hospital bed, awaiting surgery and needing some familial blood. Too bad he couldn’t get it from Catherine!
  • Vincent: Obviously, newly re-beasted Vincent wasn’t going to die from those bullet wounds. But he was wounded enough to get caught. Who knows what they’ll do to him next?

All of this, alas, will have to remain mysterious and perplexing for the summer. At least “Beauty and the Beast” will return for another season in a few months.

Posted by:Laurel Brown