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On the most recent “Beauty and the Beast” episode, viewers met a new character, assistant district attorney Gabe Lowen, played by new series regular Sendhil Ramamurthy. We talked to the actor earlier this week and learned a whole lot about where the series is going next with this addition.

What are Gabe’s motivations? Is he a good guy or a villain? When will we learn his back-story? Ramamurthy had at least some answers for us.

What are Gabe’s motivations?

As we saw in his first “Beauty and the Beast” episode, Gabe is an aggressive character. Why is that? We don’t have a direct answer yet, but Ramamurthy teased that we’ll find out soon: “Very quickly, we actually find out what his motivations are, what his backstory is… Why it is that he’s going after this case so aggressively.”

The motivations seem to come from something in Gabe’s past. “Everything is not what it seems,” Ramamurthy teased. “There’s a lot going on behind him and in his past and in his motivations for doing what he’s doing.

Are they good reasons? That was a question the actor wasn’t able to fully answer, although he did declare that “ultimately his heart is pure.” Whether that means good motivations or just good intentions remains to be seen.

Whatever the new ADA’s motivation is, we can expect some surprises in the reveal. “I think that once you find out why he’s doing what he’s doing — and his motivations behind it… I think the penny drops in a different direction, and you can see Gabe in a different light,” Ramamurthy said. “And I think it will be ultimately — I hope — satisfying to the viewer. Because it’s always good as a viewer when you’re watching something and you’re thinking one thing, and then something completely out of left field happens.”

When can we expect to learn what motivates Gabe Lowen?

Ramamurthy actually gave us a straight answer on this. He was in the process of shooting episode 18 of the season, and that was the one that gave all of the Gabe-motivation answers we might want.

Where does “Beauty and the Beast” go after that?

The reveal about what motivates Gabe will be part of the season’s end-game. Ramamurthy couldn’t reveal what that end-game was (mostly because he didn’t know yet), but he did tease that it would be big: “If the way it’s going is where I think it’s going, according to the scripts I’ve seen, it’s building its way to something really big and something that’s, I think, a little different for the show so far.”

“Beauty and the Beast” airs Thursdays at 9pm on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown