hilary duff abcfam 320 'Beauty and the Briefcase': Hilary Duff on love vs. workHilary Duff has been a working actress since she was 10 years old, so she’s used to speaking with reporters. In her new movie “Beauty and the Briefcase,” premiering tonight (April 18) on ABC Family, she turns the tables, playing Lane, a journalist who goes under cover to find love in the workplace. In real life, Duff doesn’t envy journalists.

“I have a girlfriend who interviews people for her job and one time I went on her show and we did this segment where all the tables were turned and I was asking all the questions,” she says in a press call. “It’s quite difficult to think of things on your toes and ask questions that will get answers that people want to know about that person.”

Duff’s boss in the movie is played by Michael McMillan. “He had a great arc on ‘True Blood’ so I felt lucky to get to work with him,” Duff says. “Just a really, really funny guy. Really kept me entertained.”

Duff and McMillan are joined by co-stars Matt Dallas (“Kyle XY”) and Chris Carmack (“The O.C.”). “We were filming in New Orleans so we were there for a month and just got really close. We only had each other; we only knew each other so we were going for dinners every night. We became friends quickly,” Duff says.

So many boys, so little time! In the movie, Lane’s love life starts to get in the way of her career goals. Duff says everyone can relate. “People have to deal with that everyday. All the time is what’s more important – am I going to go after my career and get what I want or if love comes along am I going to put everything on the backburner and go for that?”

Duff herself hasn’t had trouble balancing her career with her love life. She recently became engaged to her Edmonton Oiler boyfriend, Mike Comrie. She’s currently working on “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde,” with Kevin Zegers. Both Duff and Zegers had recurring roles on “Gossip Girl” this season.

“TV is kind of like a dream job for an actor especially if you’re just guest starring on a show,” Duff says of her time on The CW series. “If you get a great arc on a few shows every year that’s kind of perfect because you’re constantly challenging yourself and never playing one character for too long.”

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