I hadn’t been feeling Beauty & the Geek this season, what with Sam the actor as the first male beauty and Hollie’s premature elimination last episode. I just haven’t been having any fun or connecting with any of the characters. Well, at least the latter happened for me tonight (Oct.9).

Spoilers ahead.

Let’s set the stage. Sam and Rebecca have been hooking up all over the place, but they decide to take their relationship to the next level: the level of his top bunk. Classy. Unfortunately, his partner Nicole is in the bottom bunk and wakes to hear making out noises and odd squeaks from overhead.

She leaves crying, and has to set up a makeshift bed with the papasan chair cushion as her blanket. Okay, that’s just pitiful. At first I wasn’t certain why she was so distraught, but she did say she had problems dealing with uncomfortable social situations. Sam recognizes that she’s upset, but doesn’t bother apologizing as far as I saw. Not cool.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t too sympathetic when Rebecca was crying. But more on that later.

The big concept this week is to let America vote on past challenges for the beauties and geeks to perform this season. The geeks land the massage challenge, and Jesse wins, despite Will‘s leg up from his partner Rebecca, the massage therapist, and Dave’s experience massaging his mom (Ewww). The beauties have to build model rockets, and even though Sam had a premature escalation, he’s able to reassemble the thing and shoot off first. How considerate.

There was also some crazy maneuvering and serious ill will going on this episode. Winning both the challenges last week painted a target on Will and Rebecca, and that was exacerbated by selecting the vengeance-minded Erin for elimination. When she returns and has the power (when her partner Jesse won the massage challenge), it’s a foregone conclusion who’s going to the little room with the numbered questions this week.

Here’s the absolute best part: Nicole, with brains extraordinaire, plays her own strategy game against her partner Sam. Knowing that they have to select a team to go up against Sam’s best girl Rebecca, Nicole suggests Jen and William. She claims it’s because she thinks they’re weak (thus guaranteeing Rebecca staying), but secretly she feels that they can take on and beat Rebecca and Will.

You know what? She’s right. Maybe Jen and William are really some tough competition, but Rebecca boo-hooing the whole time she should have been studying was detrimental, not to mention annoying. She’s just a tad emotional. When she loses, she’s not in her right mind and even questions if Sam played her since he elected her competitors.

So, the true victors aren’t Jen and William, it was Nicole, who overcame a bad and inconsiderate partner and changed the way the game would be played.

What do you think about the Will/Rebecca witch hunt? Do you think Sam and Nicole will last longer since they’ll be targeted now?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen