Leticia_z_beautyandthegeeks_2 I was not at all thrilled going into this season of Beauty and the Geek mainly because of the big change. Last season, the experiment "evolved" by having a male beauty and female geek. Coming into the fifth season, instead of mismatched pairs, it’s the team of beauties versus all the geeks.

Spoilers disguised in a fat suit with some acne and a hook nose.

My main resistance to the new formula is the fact that without the beauty/geek pairing, what exactly is the incentive for the two groups to seek each other out and, you know, learn? The geeks weren’t too excited with this new prospect either since they of course hoped they’d have their very own beauty to bunk with. The beauties seemed "eh" about it.

The first elimination challenge pitted the two teams against each other to get the most digits at a club, and to "level the playing field," the beauties would get makeunders. Um, excuse me, but the rules of society say that that isn’t level. Less attractive men are more acceptable/successful than less attractive women. That’s why a whole season of beauties/geeks with genders switched hasn’t happened.

Tommy_z_beautyandthegeeks5__2 From what I could tell, some of the geeks were well and truly geeky. But sweater vest enthusiast Tommy? He’s not only kind of cute, but he’s way social. I think I heard him say something was a "party foul" and he was definitely well-received at the club. Even the beauties noticed, especially Leticia, who is my favorite so far. She’s pretty, but as an extreme sports model, she doesn’t put up with the usual girly BS like catfighting. In her eyes, Tom is "surprisingly dateable."

In the end, the beauties actually won, which showed me that my protests about societal inequalities were all for naught. I don’t care. It’s still true. I do have to wonder though what this "club" was and who these people were. If there were somehow in on it … does it count? But Mike said they called all the numbers to ascertain that they weren’t fake.

How much boo-hooing can we take each time the girls win and have to pick geeks for elimination? God, I hope the geeks wins some challenges. I give a seal of approval to the new elimination room, which is a rapid-fire game show-type thing with buzzers. Get a question right? You’re safe.

John_e_beautyandthegeeks5_2 Of the five on the chopping block, John (former child genius) was the only one I didn’t really feel (I’m sure the editing made it so), so I didn’t feel bad when he was the slowest on the draw and thus the first to go. But it was weird how hard he took it, pacing, having trouble breathing. I thought he was going to throw up or faint and our host would have to perform CPR.

Thoughts and Highlights:

– As much as I love the word "gaysian," I don’t love Greggy. He needs to suck it up. Maybe this show will be good for him.
– Some of the makeunders weren’t all that bad, like with Cara who got the fat suit because her face is still pretty. It’s like the pretty ones on The Biggest Loser. Also, Jillian may have had acne, but that outfits still showed off her Playboy bunny body.
– Amber’s flirtation with Joe and then (in scenes from the upcoming season) with Tommy made me ill. She needs to work with them, not seduce them. This isn’t Paradise Hotel. Maybe she wants them discombobulated.
– How great was the fight between the chicken-eating Randi and Amber, who resorted to name-calling: "Oompa Loompa! Fatty!"
– Cowboy Joe must die.

Your thoughts on the new formula? Who are your favorite beauties or geeks? Most hated?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen