After taking a week off with a clip show, Beauty & the Geek is back to its old tricks: Sam and Nicole are targets, and William is butting heads with his partner Jen. All is right with the CW world.

Hay spoilers abajo.

It was down Mexico way for the beauties and geeks, who alternately worried about the proper beach fashions or if they had enough SPF (Josh). The fun in the sun was cut short, however, with the first challenge. Dressed like Lara Croft, the beauties tested their memory to associate 10 ancient Mayan symbols with the numbers 0-9. This knowledge would help them unlock three coded boxes.

Natalie had it in for Sam from the start since his team had pitted her against her pal Erin at the last elimination, so she actually made a good showing. Nevertheless, Sam won easily … again.

Before getting to the geek challenge, there was lots of great action. Maybe it was the freedom of being in a foreign country. Perhaps it was the tequila. Yeah, it was probably the tequila when it comes to Dave, the resident larper. He majorly impressed and turned on the beauties by demonstrating his talent of doing a roundoff back handspring — so much so, Jasmine planted a kiss on his lips … twice! It was his first since October 2003, and boy, I wish I was making that up. Oh, and Natalie tries to create an alliance with Sam to be part of the final two teams. Sam isn’t fooled.

On the opposite end of the partnership spectrum was William and Jen, who couldn’t even get along well enough to practice salsa dancing, which was the geek challenge. Like deadpan Jen, I’m fed up with William. Okay, we get that athletes made your high school career a living hell, but hey whiny baby, don’t blame her. She’s at least willing to try. Back of the hand for William.

Luckily, their bad teamwork isn’t that much of a factor because the geeks get real salsa dancers as partners and choreographers. During rehearsal, it’s obvious that Josh and Dave are the most open to the experience. Josh wants to use this to bring back to his "real life," and Dave is actually listening to Jasmine’s advice from the sidelines. Oh, if only William and Jen had such a breakthrough.

Well, they’re getting their chance. After Dave had his dancing victory, complete with ripping his shirt open to show off his sexy, hairless and pale chest, he and Jasmine and Sam/Nicole had an onerous duty. Instead of electing teams to go through an elimination quiz, the winning teams had to agree on one team to send home.

Shay/Joshua were safe, so it came down to: Who was not benefitting from the social experiment (William/Jen) versus which team posed the biggest threat (Natalie/John). In the end, Prom King John and his devious partner had to pack their bags and bid "Adios" to Mexico.


– Dave excited to see host Mike upstairs at the mansion because "He’s a pretty cool guy. He’s fun to be with."
– Sam about Mexico: "It’s like me going to a new club, but it’s a country."
– Jasmine packing: "Do they have hangers in Mexico? Is this a good Mexican dress?"
– Dave licking way too much salt for his tequila shot: "There’s something in my mouth. I’m not sure it’s a party. We’ll find out."
– How Nicole’s spandex-wearing "Dolphin Man" dance partner scared her.

Would you have ejected the same couple? Who has the best chance of winning?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen