Jennifer_beautyandthegeek_s4_240 With communication consisting only of eyerolling, insults or all around bad vibes, mismatched Beauty & the Geek pair Jen and William prevailed last week and are among the final three teams in the mansion.  This week, however, they actually had to combine forces to avoid the elimination room.

Saucy spoilers ahead with a gorgeous ruby color, notes of cherry and vanilla and a velvety finish.

The teams went to wine country to face off with their partners at their side … literally. Like the hilarious three-legged races, the staple activity of any outdoor get-together, the pairs were tied at the ankle and waist in order to hinder their progress as they performed their winemaking task.

(Note: While studying wine, William mispronounced "Cabernet," enunciating the final "t." Dude, you don’t need to drink it to know better. Hell, even Jasmine knew better. Unfortunately, mispronunciation would come back to haunt him.)

It was a three-part task: 1) Pick 20 pounds of grapes, 2) Stomp them into submission, and then 3) Bottle, cork, label and deliver three bottles to Mike several yards away. Dave and Jasmine had an early lead, and kept it easily despite a clogged spigot on their stomping bin. They stayed at least one task ahead of the others, and I admit it was good to see Jasmine finally win something.

Jasmine_beautyandthegeek_s4_240 Sam’s finally losing a challenge (he had won 5 of 8 — impressive) brought out the sulky side of him, and he wasn’t able to fully enjoy a celebratory dinner accompanied with tasty wine. He also ruined the mood for Jasmine, who observed: "It’s me and Dave’s moment, and it turned into Sam’s problem. Not fair."

Jen and William hoped that Sam’s attitude would bum him out enough to ruin his studying, but after a retrospective video showing the teams’ earliest days, Sam got psyched back up. In the meantime, Jen and William acknowledged that they’ve learned enough about each other in order to study for the elimination and to pull back just before annoying the other. It’s not exactly the storybook partnership, but it’s progress in the form of a truce.

The elimination was actually rather interesting since Jen missed "oenologist" because she thought the first "o" was pronounced. William blamed himself because he had helped Jen study and had pronounced it thusly. Regardless, he missed a question of his own (about Amy Winehouse), which left Sam and Nicole, who missed no questions, the uncontested winners.

This will make Dave happy since he had professed his "like" to Nicole earlier, and he and Jasmine had schemed to have a double date with Sam and Nicole should they win. Awww.


– During the moment of silence for Shay and Joshua, someone farted. I’m not usually into flatulence humor, but that was nice timing.
– Dave’s pitiful story about liking a girl, going to his uncle’s funeral and then returning to find the girl had a new boyfriend.
– Nicole about not dating in high school: "It seemed like there were better ways to spend your time and money."
– Dave about the grape stomping while tied: "This is going to be comedy. I dread comedy."
– About winning the challenge — Jasmine: "Final friggin’ two!" Dave: "A cheer went up so loud, it was heard throughout the mountain regions of California."
William_beautyandthegeek_s4_240William eating that freakin’ lollipop and rolling on the bed when arguing with Jen about the relative weights of muscle and fat.
– Nicole in interview confessing that after the show, since she and Dave both live in Boston, they’d probably hang out, but she doesn’t "foresee it going anywhere." Poor Dave.

Do you think Sam/Nicole or Jen/William have made progress? What do you think the final twist will be?

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen