kendra mckenzie gill beauty queen bombs miss america Beauty queen Kendra McKenzie Gill charged with making bombs

A beauty queen from Utah had been arrested after allegedly crafting homemade bombs with her friends that they then detonated. Kendra McKenzie Gill was crowned Miss Riverton, Utah, a preliminary contest in the Miss America beauty pageant system, on June 8
Gill, 18 years old, was arrested along with three friends Saturday (August 8). They are accused of filling water bottles with aluminum foil and toilet bowl cleaner, creating an explosive, and throwing them at houses, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. An ex-girlfriend of one of the accused was among the targets, according to the police report. The teens say they were “pranking” people
“They were throwing them at people and property,” Unified Fire Authority Captain Clint Mecham tells local affiliate KUTV, “This goes well beyond a teenage prank.” He says that while no one was injured, it is a very serious situation.
Gill was supposed to move forward to the Miss Utah pageant, the next step before Miss America. Instead, she and the other suspects have been charged with 10 first degree felonies, including construction of an incendiary device. The pageant has yet to comment.
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