Just because the fall TV season is over doesn’t mean there isn’t still TV to watch. We’re gearing up for our summer viewing and are looking for a few new bloggers to recap the following shows:

Meerkat Manor: Premieres Friday, May 30 on Animal Planet

Army Wives: Premieres Sunday, June 8 on Lifetime

America’s Got Talent: Premieres Tuesday, June 17 on NBC

Update: Whew. Thanks to all who responded and submitted samples. We’re wading through them and will be getting in touch with our favorites in the next couple of days.

To those who asked about "better" shows — when it comes to TV, quality is in the eye of the viewer. Or, in this case, the so-called "better" shows have already been spoken for. New recappers get to pay their dues with what’s leftover. When they get lucky, it happens to be something not too painful.

Posted by:Zap2it