For those of you who have been busy this week holding down a job –- or looking for a job — taking care of your family, household and paying all your bills on time, you may have missed these revealing video interviews with the attention-seeking missile that is Nadya Suleman, a.k.a Octomom.

When Dr. Phil asks the unemployed, almost homeless Nadya if her babies were "born with a job" that is to fill the empty void that is her selfish soul, she struggles to grasp what he’s asking.

Then she replies that no, she doesn’t believe in having the older children taking care of the younger ones.

Um, that wasn’t the question. Is she related to Dubya?

Arguing with her mother for, Nadya talks about getting her masters’ degree, what a good writer she is and how she will write a book about her experiences of caring for 14 children in the "middle of the night."

(Watch video after the jump.)

We can’t wait to read that.  Perhaps we can pre-order it on Nadya’s website, where she is still accepting donations.

Keep reading to watch the hilarious video of Nadya blathering about her education and career aspirations and literary plans, while her exhausted mother Angela just shakes her head in disbelief……

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead