Here’s a few sneak peeks taken before the Oscar retrospective fashion show at the Academy today, curated by Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley. Inside the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, Paul Starr’s makeup artists and Mark Townsend’s crack team of hair stylists were busy all morning getting the models prepped for the 10 a.m. show attended by fashionistas, stylists, costume designers, jewelers, shoe makers, fashion press and held downstairs in the lobby.


Starr focused on the smoky defined eyes and gave a subdued lip to all the models who would wear the vintage Oscar gowns worn by Oscar winners and presenters Cher, Mitzi Gaynor, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, Faye Dunaway, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Rene Zellweger, Hilary Swank and Jennifer Garner.


Townsend used his client Cate Blanchett’s very modern low
chignon — he did her hair in this style for the Screen Actors Guild
Awards — as the  template for all the model’s hair. Here’s the Oscar hair diagram.Warning: this is for professional hairstylists only. Don’t try this at home. And for a look at the faaaaabulous finale of the show…


From right to left, Oscar gowns worn by Elizabeth Taylor (designed by Edith Head), Cher (designed by Bob Mackie), Keira Knightley (designed by  Vera Wang), Halle Berry (designed by Elie Saab), Carol Channing (designer unknown but the darn thing weighs 50 lbs!) and Jennifer Lopez (designed by Karl Lagerfeld). I tried to get a shot of the back of that sheer Cher gown that look amazing going up those stairs but the models were too fast for me. Hopefully, I can find a shot on a photo wire service and post it later. Trust me, it’s worth revisiting. Here’s my pathetic attempt. At least you get to see Oscar producer Laura Ziskin and Oscar fashion spokesman Andre Leon Talley‘s at the bottom left. However, I admit that their rear views aren’t quite as exciting.


Photo Credits: Elizabeth Snead

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