“Being Erica” is a bittersweet topic for American fans of the Canadian series. 
Sweet, because the show has been renewed and is currently shooting Season 4. Bitter, because Disney’s planned shut down of SOAPnet leaves the series without an American home next year. We can only hope someone smartens up and picks up the series for American fans.
Thankfully, we just learned something that tips us back into the sweet area when we spoke to Brandon Jay McLaren recently about his role as Bennett Ahmed on the AMC show, “The Killing.”
“I just started shooting Season 4 of ‘Being Erica’ this week,” McLaren tells Zap2it. “I always considered my character to be a one season kind of thing. When I heard about the pickup, I didn’t assume I was going to be included in that. Then, I got the call that they wanted to bring the character back, which was great.”
McLaren plays Lenin, Erica’s sister Sam’s (Joanna Douglas) new boyfriend and upgrade after her divorce. So even though he was only on his first week back on the job, we grilled him for whatever deets he could tell us about next season.  

What can we expect from Lenin and Sam’s relationship next season?
There are some big changes for Sam and my relationship coming up. Different things will be added in to our relationship, as well. I’m excited to be back again.
Lenin is a free spirit and Sam is pretty much the opposite. Does that become more of a problem for them or does the difference bring them closer together?
I think it’s both, because my character just continues to challenge her and kind of her beliefs like no one has probably done in her life. It’s a point of contention, but it’s also something that brings us together. 
What are your hopes for your character in Season 4?
I hope that maybe you get to see more of who he is aside from his job, sort of where he comes from and a little more back-story. That’d be nice.
Do you identify with Lenin’s ability to see his career as a means to an end rather than the thing that defines him? Or is he totally unlike you?
Yeah, it is a bit unlike me. I mean yes and no. In many ways, it is kind of like me. Most people don’t become an actor, because you think it’s going to make you rich. You got to do it, because you love it and you take a chance. Lenin likes his lifestyle, so he doesn’t work to become rich. He works to sort of lead the life that he enjoys. So, I guess there are some similarities in that aspect.
Are you glad to hear McLaren’s back on “Being Erica” for Season 4?
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