erin karpluk being erica 320 'Being Erica': Erin Karpluk teases the season finale and 'Life Unexpected'You guys are watching “Being Erica” on SoapNet, right?

If not, you should definitely check it out, because it’s one of the small-screen’s undiscovered gems.

Korbi TV got some one-on-one time with leading lady Erin Karpluk (Erica), whom you might also recognize from The CW’s “Life Unexpected.”

Keep reading for Erin’s take on the the men in Erica’s life, the show’s season finale, the chances of a third season and what’s to come on “Life Unexpected.”

Before we dive in, we have to know right off the bat — is “Being Erica” getting a third season?
Erin Karpluk:
It’s looking hopefully optimistic. I do know they’re working on it, but we haven’t been given the official thumbs up. So for now, it’s fingers crossed, and I think we’ll find out shortly. 

Okay, because we’re so looking forward to the season finale, but that can’t be the end. The love triangle between Ethan/Erica/Kai takes several unexpected turns and we need to see where that goes. Are you Team Kai or Team Ethan?
It’s so funny because they’re so different. Ethan, he’s stable, [Erica] has the history of being his friend for so long. They’ve had a relationship together. And with Kai, it seems like it’s an impossibility. I don’t think they could have a relationship in the present because it wouldn’t be healthy. It’s kind of [a situation where] if you love it, set it free. He has to go and deal with his things, because I think in order to be in a strong relationship, you both have to be there.

Kai, he obviously has a bunch of stuff he needs to deal with. As far as Erica and Ethan, they certainly have many wonderful things that they share in common, but as you’ll see toward the end of this season, it kind of starts unraveling. And that happens in a relationship and thank goodness they weren’t married or having children when they realized they’re different and maybe they want different things in life. 

EK: Yes. But I love their relationship and I loved how for the course of the season, you really dove into those uncomfortable parts of being in a partnership with someone in a way I don’t think television normally addresses. There was one where Erica catches Ethan [masturbating] — when I first read it, I was like, you’ve got to be kidding me. And then, as we were shooting it, so many people came up to me and they were like, that’s brilliant! You really get into the nuts and bolts of relationships when it’s not just glossy television. There are those weird things that you have to go through where you’re going in new directions and you have to compromise and it’s difficult and you’re sharing your space. So I just like that they really got messy in the relationship sense and explored that.

“Being Erica” has always felt like the continuation of a romantic comedy movie. Yeah, sometimes the best friends fall in love, but with this show, we get to see beyond the happily ever after.
Right. I like the way that you said that, it’s like looking beyond what happens after happily ever after.

Speaking of men in Erica’s life, we need to discuss Dr. Tom. Do you
think she’s gotten to a point where she accepts how much
he’s always interfering and intervening?
 I think it’s quite
clear [to Erica] how important Dr. Tom is in her life even though [there are times]
he’s snubbing her, she’s snubbing him. And it was kind of nice because he [was]
always that all-knowing doctor, you know, the mentor, and she [was]
continually needing from him. But then there was that shift in the
season opener, where she’s like, You’re not perfect either and you
have to see that, but you’re perfect for me. And I really like that,
that they have that mutual respect for each other, going through the
human experience. And while he has so much to teach her, I think she
somehow teaches him as well and he gets something from the relationship
as well. 

He’s an important part of the show.
EK: I don’t think the show would ever work without him. I just
think he is the solid foundation and she is the whirling [character]
around town. I love their relationship and I like how it’s evolving.
Like Julianne, they’re almost becoming equals, but I think he will
always be the teacher and she will always be the student. I would like
to see a lot more of Dr. Tom and more about his past because I’m always
interested when we [go] back to his past. That, and I got days off,
which is the only time I ever got time off. And Michael Riley
[is] just fantastic to work with. I love working with him. And the crew
loves when the two of us do scenes together because we shoot them fast!

Erica is also undergoing some possible career changes, considering starting her own business with Julianne. Do you think Erica can make that work?
You know the one thing I love about the character? As an audience member, I can look back and say, if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. And Erica, she will admit her weaknesses, but she’s also willing to try things and to work hard. And certainly, through her therapy and Dr. Tom, she’s willing to go through those hard things in life. I think you have to sacrifice a lot and work hard to get anywhere. So I think she can, but I don’t think it will be without its setbacks or without making mistakes and falling back and having to pick yourself up again. 

It would be fun to watch.
EK: Yes, I think it’s interesting to see Julianne and Erica’s relationship evolve. I still think Julianne has a lot of the power, certainly in experience in their industry, in editing. But why not? I like that [Erica]’s bold and willing to try. It’s like when I was a little girl and I told my mom I wanted to go to university for theater. And my mom said, Erin, you can’t make a living doing that. And I said to her, well someone has to, Mom. So yes, sometimes it’s true, you have to dream big. 

We also have to talk about your other show, “Life Unexpected,” which is airing its season finale on Monday (April 12). What can you tease about that?
[The finale] was one of my favorite episodes to shoot. And of course Alice is bouncing between [Ryan and Cate] trying to play boss, playing best friend, trying to keep everything smoothly operating, which it never does, because Cate, like Erica, is a little bit of a train-wreck. But it’s a really fun episode with a couple of twists in it that will leave you satisfied.

Glad to hear it’s satisfying, but hopefully it won’t be a series finale, and we’ll get to see you as both Erica and Alice next season.
You know, it’s going to be really interesting scheduling-wise if both shows come back. We shoot on opposite sides of the country. I don’t know that [I’d be able to do Alice] unless she is teleconferencing in from somewhere else. I’d love to be a part of both of them but if “Erica” is back, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alice!

That would be really sad if Alice just disappeared. Cate needs Alice!
I don’t know what Cate would do without Alice. Even though Shiri [Appleby] bugs me on set, she’s like, your character is so mean to my character. And I’m like, what are you talking about? Your character is a train-wreck! We banter before to help us get into character. 

Hopefully you’ll get to do more of that.
EK: We were talking with the producers beforehand, and we’ll figure out something. Both shows have very clever writers.

Is there anything you would like to see for Alice, assuming she returns?
I would have loved to have learned more about Alice’s husband, because she has a husband and stepkids that you never really see. But it’s so tricky for them to establish a first season and that show revolves around Cate and Baze and Lux and Ryan, and even though I think they had intentions of delving into the sub characters and plots, it was too much for the first season. So they scaled it back a lot. There were other things that were written that, in the end, were cut out of the episode because it was too much information and you don’t want to overwhelm the audience. You want to focus on your key characters so Alice is very much in the background, trying to hold things together for Cate. But she’s such a fun character to play. And very different from Erica, I found.

“Being Erica” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on SOAPnet
“Life Unexpected” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW

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