aiden turner being human comic con video 'Being Human': Cast and creator talk Season 2 premiere at Comic Con

The other, other series about vampires and werewolves, “Being Human,” returns Saturday to BBC America. And despite the attractive supernatural trio it follows, don’t anticipate any love triangles.

Just before the premiere of Season 2, Zap2it sat down with the cast and creator Toby Whithouse at Comic-Con to talk about the dark turn that pits Mitchell (Aidan Turner), George (Russell Tovey) and Annie (Lenora Crichlow) against a religious zealot bent on supernatural genocide.

Yes, despite being one of the funnier shows on television, “Being Human” can also be one of the bleakest, and Whithouse doesn’t see it any other way. He shared some of his thoughts on the new season, the characters’ unlikely shot at happiness and all those other vampire shows out there:

The immediate aftermath of last season’s fatal countdown with vampire leader Herrick has been particularly taxing on Mitchell, with the vampire population of Bristol now turning to him for authority. Aidan Turner talks about why he thinks his character has to rise to the occasion:

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