Under the regime of executive producer and showrunner Steven Moffat, “Doctor Who” has taken a noticeably spooky turn, but it doesn’t look like even the Weeping Angels could have prepared us for the chills to come in “The God Complex.”

The two-minute clip for the eleventh episode of the current season that debuted at Comic-Con includes a fundamentalist rant, a faceless Minotaur and a clown sitting on what appears to be dirty hotel linens.

Zap2it met with writer Toby Whithouse, who penned the episode, just before screening the teaser. And though he’s perhaps best known for his own series, “Being Human,” this is a man that knows his “Who.”

“I genuinely love writing for ‘Doctor Who,'” says Whithouse. “It’s not something I need to do, but I’ll always go back to it. There is something about the show that is utterly magic and perfect… I’m genuinely very honored to be a part of the ‘Doctor Who’ family.”

It’s also a different experience from his role on “Being Human,” which demands almost all of his time. “On ‘Being Human’ I very rarely get to write the little self-contained episodes,” he says, “Consequently my experience on ‘Doctor Who’ is the complete reversal… Writing the two shows is kind of the perfect balance.”

Considering his next “Who” episode is at the tail-end of Season 6, he wouldn’t spill much, but he did give it a nice set up: “The Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves in an all-but-abandoned, ever-shifting hotel that’s populated by other people’s nightmares.”

Ergo, clown.

Watch the full video above for more on “Being Human” and Whithouse’s take on the upcoming 50th anniversary-year of “Doctor Who.” And if you haven’t seen the trailer for “The God Complex” yet, check it out below. But remember… there’s a clown.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell