Being-Human-Meaghan-Rath.jpgThe big “Being Human” season finale “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To” airs April 9 on Syfy and someone isn’t going to make it to Season 3. We caught up with star Meaghan Rath who plays the ghost Sally to chat about what’s coming, if Sally is really crazy and her big moment with Josh (Sam Huntington).

Sally and Josh actually get to share a hug. Rath talks about where that came from. “That moment originally wasn’t in the script, and when we got the draft for the new episode, Sam and I read them, and you know our writers are open to any feedback that we have, so when we read it my first instinct was like they need to hug, and Sam had the same idea about it. So we both individually wrote to the writers, I think without even talking about it, and requested that that was put in.”

Sally is hallucinating Reapers, shredding other ghosts and generally acting crazy. So is she? Rath gives us her take. “I think it’s really sad what’s happened to her. I think we always try to use terms that people can relate to, like afflictions that people have in real life, so in this case I think Sally became schizophrenic just out of a need to feel important, and feel like she had a purpose, and the fact that she always was left behind.”

Sally has some big moments coming and it’s really hard to say how the writers are going to start off Season 3. Check out the shocking finale on Syfy.

Posted by:jbusch