Meaghan-Rath-Beinig-Human.jpg“Being Human” is so good this season that we find ourselves wishing the weekend away to get to the new Monday episode. In the newest episode, “Dream Reaper,” Aidan (Sam Witwer) and Josh (Sam Huntington) are in danger. So, who’s going to hurt two hot supes? Their roommate Sally (Meaghan Rath).

Poor Sally is stuck in a dream world in which she’s still alive and living with her love, the Reaper (Dusan Dukic). Not only that, but the Reaper cooks! As sweet as this domestic scene is, you know it’s not going to turn out well.

Check out the video preview below and let us know what you think. Our favorite moment? Josh calls Aidan a 500-year-old vampire. Aidan replies, “I’m not that old!” If you haven’t started watching this show, do it now! We’re obsessed!

Posted by:jbusch